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Antarctica has no formal division. Landmarks described by Wondermondo here are listed in alphabetic order.

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Main attractions

Antarctica is unusual continent, little known to general people and comparatively little investigated. Here are missing numerous kinds of landmarks common in all other continents of the world - but this is compensated by several kinds of landmarks unique to Antarctica.

Lava lake of Mount Erebus, Antarctica
Lava lake of Mount Erebus.
NASA, public domain.

Natural landmarks

Most impressive landmarks in Antarctica are created by nature. Part of them is temporary, such as the giant and visually impressive ice formations - sky-high ice cliffs with impossible colors, natural arches in ice, perennial meltwater falls over the blue ice walls and similar.

Due to the extreme weather of Antarctica some monuments are unique to this continent - such as lakes with highly unusual water chemistry and fumarolic ice towers.

Fumarolic ice towers and other volcanic phenomena

Unique waterbodies

Blood Falls, Antarctica
Blood Falls - iron oxide saturated water seeping through glacier.
Mike Martoccia, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Icefalls, waterfalls

Unique ecosystems and animal colonies

Other unique natural landmarks

Man made landmarks

This extremely cold and inhospitable continent has very short human related history - Antarctica was first seen in 1820 and first building appeared here in 1899. It totally misses landmarks related to distant human past and has extremely sparse network of settlements also today. Nevertheless there are few man made landmarks worth mentioning:

Huts of pioneers

Four Antarctic Bases were created by pioneers, who arrived here before the First World War. Each of these bases contains valuable legacy to heroism of human race, they are the first buildings where humans lived on this continent.

Discovery Hut with McMurdo Station in the background, Antarctica
Discovery Hut with McMurdo Station in the background.
Eli Duke, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Contemporary Antarctic architecture

South African SANAE IV station, Antarctica
South African SANAE IV station.
Wikimedia Commons, Dr. Ross Hofmeyr / CC BY-SA 3.0

Over the last 100 years people have learned a lot about Antarctica and there have appeared more and more well adjusted buildings, able to persist in the extreme weather of Antarctica. Functional design is beautiful design - those stations, which have been developed with much effort and foresight, look very impressive. Some fine examples of true contemporary Antarctic architecture are:

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