List of described ecosystems and biotopes

This is a list of ecosystems and biotopes described in this Website.

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NoNameCountry, regionArea (ha)ValueRank
6Sima Humboldt Venezuela, Bolívar?Geology, Biology, Visual3
7Sima Martel Venezuela, Bolívar?Geology, Biology, Visual5
13Ary-Mas Russia, Krasnoyarsk Krai15 611Biology5
14Lukunsky grove Russia, Krasnoyarsk Krai9 055Biology5
15Jellyfish Lake Palau, Rock Islands5Biology, Visual3
16Uet era Ngermeuangel Palau, Rock Islands4.3Biology7
17Goby Lake Palau, Rock Islands2.1Biology7
18Clear Lake Palau, Rock Islands3.9Biology7
19Uet era Ongael Palau, Rock Islands0.9Biology7
21Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve United States, California719Biology, Visual3
22Flower fields of Gorman Hills United States, California?Biology, Visual8
23Walker Canyon poppy fields United States, California?Biology, Visual9
24Figueroa Mountain poppy and lupine fields United States, California?Biology, Visual9
25Bear Valley wildflower meadows United States, California6 056Biology, Visual6
26Dry Creek wildflower meadows United States, California?Biology, Visual9
27Poppy meadows of Merced Valley and Hite's Cove United States, California?Biology, Visual8
28Shell Creek Road meadows United States, California?Biology, Visual9
29Point Buchon poppy meadows United States, California?Biology, Visual8
30Carrizo Plain wildflower meadows United States, California101 200Biology, Visual6
90Voltzberg Suriname, Sipaliwini?Geology, Biology, Visual6
106Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas?Geology, Biology, Visual1
114Poza Seca, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas?Geology, Biology, Unexplained4
116Poza Garapata, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas?Geology, Biology, Unexplained8
117El Zacatón sinkhole Mexico, Tamaulipas?Geology, Biology, Visual4
129Black Hole of Andros Bahamas, South Andros?Geology, Biology3
136Xiaozhai tiankeng China, Chongqing Municipality?Geology, Biology, Visual1
137Dashiwei tiankeng China, Guangxi16.7Geology, Biology, Visual2
159Poás Volcano and Laguna Caliente Costa Rica, Alajuela?Geology, Biology, Visual5
161Yungay - the driest place in the world Chile, Antofagasta?Meteorology, Geology, Biology5
163Inga Falls Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bas-Congo?Geology, Visual, Biology4
178Norfolk Island subtropical rainforest Australia, Norfolk Island500Biology, Visual5
179Christmas Island subtropical forest and red crabs Australia, Christmas Island8 500Biology, Visual3
180Hosnies Spring mangroves Australia, Christmas Island0.33Biology, Geology5
181The Dales of Christmas Island Australia, Christmas Island57Biology, Geology7
198Le Noir Pré orchid meadow United Kingdom, Jersey2.5Biology, Visual7
204Ecosystem of Henderson Island Pitcairn Islands37 300Biology, Geology6
266Vailulu'u Eel City and Moat of Death American Samoa?Biology, Geology5
267Niau tropical forest - feo French Polynesia˜ 2 000Biology7
273Grand Bois, Amsterdam Island Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands8Biology7
280Forest on Robinson Crusoe Island Chile, Valparaíso˜ 5 000Biology, Visual2
288Puerto Princesa Subterranean RiverPhilippines, Palawan?Biology, Visual2
299Páramo El Ángel - eerie land of frailejones Ecuador, Carchi˜ 10 000Biology, Visual4
301Forest of daisy trees in Santa Cruz, GalapagosEcuador, Galápagos Islands˜ 600Biology, Visual6
315Goto Meer (Goto Lake), Bonaire Bonaire˜ 155Biology, Visual8
320Crystal Cave, Bermuda Bermuda?Geology, Visual, Biology5
326Qinngua Valley Greenland˜ 600Visual, Biology6
330Avenue of the Baobabs Madagascar˜ 4Visual, Biology3
351Aripo Main Cave, Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago?Biology, Geology6
363Diamond Rock Martinique6Geology, Biology6
369Lonar crater India, Maharashtra˜ 270Geology, Biology3
383Lake Bosumtwi Ghana, Ashanti˜ 4900Geology, Biology3
387Vallée de Mai Seychelles, Praslin19,5Biology2
401Mount Nimba Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia18,000Biology, Visual, Geology3
412Kubu Island Botswana, Central60Visual, Biology, Archaeology, Unexplained3
413Day Forest (Goda Mountains) Djibouti, Tadjourah900Biology7
418Lake Tele Republic of the Congo, Likuala> 2,300Unexplained, Biology, Geology2
423Diana's Peak National Park Saint Helena Island81Biology, Visual3
424Dendrosenecio woodlands on Mt. KilimanjaroTanzania, Kilimanjaro?Biology, Visual4
446Arslanbob Forest Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad11,000Biology, Visual4
447Krubera Cave Georgia, Abkhazia?Geology, Biology1
463Blood Falls Antarctica, Victoria Land?Geology, Biology4
469Caño Cristales Colombia, Meta?Biology, Visual2
476Rokeb di Firmihin Yemen, Soqatra˜ 540Biology, Visual2
510Yasuni Forest Ecuador, Orellana and Pastaza> 1,000,000Biology2
511Mount Bosavi Crater Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlands˜ 2,000Biology4
513Palm Valley, Northern Territory Australia, Northern Teritory˜ 6,000Biology3
523Onneto Hot Falls and springs (Yuno-taki waterfall) Japan, Hokkaido?Biology4
525Daallo Frankincense Forest Somalia, Sanaag˜ 25,000Biology5
563Giant Forest, California United States, California760Biology1
564Lake Bonney, Antarctica Antarctica˜ 500Geology, Biology4
566Daikoku Sulphur Cauldron, Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana IslandssmallGeology, Biology3


Palau: Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake
Eerie reality in Jellyfish Lake / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The most outstanding natural monument in Palau is Jellyfish Lake - small, meromictic (layered) lake with seawater. Lake is approximately 420 meters long - but here live millions of jellyfish of endemic subspecies. Jellyfish constantly migrate in the small lake to be both in sunshine and avoid of predators - sea anemones.

Suriname: Voltzberg - granite dome in tropical forest

View from Voltzberg
View from Voltzberg to the east, Suriname / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The little known upper reaches of Coppename River are covered with virgin tropical forest. In several locations above the rainforest rise dark grey giants - granite domes. The best known of these giant rocks is Voltzberg. Although it is visited by several hundreds of tourists each year, this beautiful monolith and its surroundings still hide many secrets waiting to be discovered.

American Samoa: Vailulu'u Eel City and Moat of Death

Dysommina rugosa eels in Nafanua Eel City, American Samoa
Dysommina rugosa eels in Nafanua Eel City / / public domain.

There is an unique place east from the easternmost Samoa island. Deep under the sea a summit of new volcano is quickly rising towards the surface and thousands of rare eels are living on the summit of this volcano. This is the weird Vailulu'u Eel City.

Madagascar: Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabs near Morondava
Avenue of the Baobabs near Morondava / Olivier Lejade, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Major part of people in the world have seen this sight - if not a photograph, then at least the versions of this view in the cartoon movie "Madagascar". Avenue of the Baobabs comes in the minds of many people when they hear the word - "Madagascar".

Colombia: Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales, Colombia
Caño Cristales with waterfall and the red Macarenia clavigera. September 2012 / Mario Carvajal, / CC BY-SA 3.0

On the ancient Serrania de la Macarena tableland in Colombia is found one of the most spectacular rivers in the world - Caño Cristales. Bottom of this river is colored in seemingly unnatural, gaudy colors.