List of described megaliths, cairns, petroforms

Here are listed megaliths, cairns, petroforms described in this website.

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NoNameCountry, regionAgeValueRank
1 Stone labyrinths of Bolshoi Zayatsky island Russia, Arkhangelsk Oblast 2000 - 3000 BC?Archaeology, Unexplained5
20 Inuksuk Point (Enukso Point) Canada, Nunavut ?History, Archaeology6
124 Calçoene megalithic observatory - Amazon Stonehenge Brazil, Amapa 0 - 1500 ADArchaeology, Unexplained6
188 Ara Metua - ancient Polynesian road Cook Islands, Rarotonga 1050 ADArchaeology6
189 Arai Te Tonga - most sacred marae in Rarotonga Cook Islands, Rarotonga 1250 ADArchaeology7
195 Dwarfie Stane United Kingdom, Scotland, Orkney Islands 3000 BCArchaeology, Visual, Unexplained5
196 Stonehenge United Kingdom, England, Wiltshire 3100 - 2300 BCArchaeology, Visual, Unexplained1
197 La Hougue Bie United Kingdom, Jersey 4000 - 3500 BCArchaeology, Visual3
199 Pentre Ifan United Kingdom, Wales 3500 BCArchaeology, Visual5
200 Le Déhus passage grave United Kingdom, Guernsey 3500 BCArchaeology, Visual5
201 Meayll Hill (Mull Hill) Stone Circle United Kingdom, Isle of Man 3500 BCArchaeology, Visual5
203 Barclodiad y Gawres United Kingdom, Wales ~ 2300 BCArchaeology, Visual6
210 Ķintu Aka Latvia, Kurzeme ?Archaeology, Unexplained6
257 Latte Stone Park, Guam Guam 1000 AD?Archaeology6
258 Rota Latte Stones Quarry (As Nieves Quarry)Northern Mariana Islands, Rota?Archaeology, Unexplained5
260 Arorae navigational stones - Te Atibu-ni-BorauKiribati, Gilbert Islands1000 - 1500 AD?Archaeology, Unexplained6
261 Rai of Yap - the stone moneyFederated States of Micronesia, Yap1850 - 1910Archaeology, History, Visual2
263 Ha'amonga 'a Maui (Trilithon) and 'esi Maka Fa'akinangaTonga, Tongatapu~ 1200 ADArchaeology, History, Visual3
268 Marae ArahurahuFrench Polynesia, Windward Islands?Archaeology, History, Visual3
271 Me´ae IiponaFrench Polynesia, Marquesas Islands?Archaeology, History, Visual, Unexplained3
272 Marae Fare OpuFrench Polynesia, Leeward Islands1500 AD?Archaeology, History7
394 Karahunj (Zorats Karer)Armenia, Syunik province3000 - 2000 BC?Archaeology, Visual, Unexplained3
432 Msoura stone circle (Mezorah Ring)Morocco, Tangier-Tétouan400 - 300 BC?Archaeology, Visual, Unexplained3
437 Wassu stone circlesGambia, Central River640 - 860 AD?Archaeology, Visual, Unexplained3
497 MnajdraMalta, Southern Region3600 - 2500 BCArchaeology, Visual2



Stonehenge, inside view
Inner side of Stonehenge stone circle is more precise, smooth / , , CC BY 2.0

The word "megalith" brings one immediate association to many people around the world - Stonehenge. This archaeological monument certainly is a part of popculture. It is silent heroe of numerous movies, paintings, comixes and - countless pseudoscientific theories and even religious movements.

At a first glance Stonehenge is far less impressive than many other archaeological wonders of the world. Nevertheless it is very distinct, unique landmark without comparable matches worldwide. There are many megalithic monuments around the world called "Stonehenges" (such as "Amazon Stonehenge" in Brazil) - but at a closer look it turns out that these monuments have quite different qualities.

Me´ae Iipona

Me'ae Iipona, old stone sculptures
Me'ae Iipona, old stone sculptures / American, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

Even the fantasy movies seem to be boring if compared to the reality in Marquesas Islands, especially the amazing archaeological monuments. One of the most surprising ones is Me'ae Iipona - the largest cult site in Marquesas.