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32 Jain temples in Ellora Caves India 800 - 1000 AD
36 Son Bhandar Caves India the 3rd - 4th century AD?
37 Jain temple in Badami Cave Temples India the 6th - 7th century AD
51 Pandav Leni Caves India the 1st century BC - 3rd century AD
52 Udayagiri Caves, Khandagiri Caves, Orissa India the 1st century BC
60 Ankai-Tankai Caves India the 10th - 13th century AD
66 Armamalai Cave India the 8th century AD
67 Sittanavasal Cave and Eladipattam India the 7th - 10th century AD
71 Thirunadhikkara Cave Temple India the 7th century AD
85 Manmod Caves, Junnar India the 10th - 11th century AD


India: Sittanavasal Cave and Eladipattam

Scene of Samava-sarvana, Sittanavasal
Scene of Samava-sarvana, Sittanavasal / Yorck Project, public domain

Some of the best cave paintings of medieval India are located in Sittanavasal Cave in Tamil Nadu. This rock-cut Jain monastery contains artwork comparable to famous murals in Ajanta Caves and Bagh Caves. Paintings were made in frescoe technique.