List of sites of spring tufa, travertine and other formations

List of described places with spring tufa, travertine and other formations

Here are listed places with spring tufa, travertine and other formations described in this website.

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NoNameCountry, regionTypeRank
166 Salinas Salt Springs Philippinestufa formations, spring terraces6
182 Hugh's Dale Waterfall Australia, Christmas Islandwaterfall, spring terraces8
217 Dallol salt springs and geysers Ethiopia, Afargeysers, salt springs, spring terraces2
230 Analavory Geysers Madagascar, Itasy Regionthermal, travertine terraces, cold water geyser6
342 Dunn's River Falls Jamaica, Saint Annwaterfall, spring terraces4
415 Lamadaya Somalia, Sanaagwaterfall, tufa formations5
520 Rabbitkettle Tufa Mounds Canada, Northwest Territoriesthermal, travertine terraces, tufa formations3
521 Hammam Meskhoutine (Hammam Meskoutine) springs Algeria, Guelmathermal, travertine terraces, tufa formations3
555 Huanglong Valley China, Sichuanthermal, travertine terraces, tufa formations1
565 Usterling Growing Rock Germany, Bavariafissure ridge, tufa formations4


Philippines: Salinas Salt Springs

Salinas Salt Spring before the earthquake, Philippines
Salinas Salt Spring before the earthquake / Scanned postcard from the page of , public domain due to the expired copyright length.

Once upon a time there was unique monument of nature near Bambang town - a snow-white mountain of travertine formed by a powerful spring.

The glistening white hill with rimstone pools (just similar to the fantastic rice terraces in nearby Ifugao) attracted attention of people since ancient times...