List of described volcanoes

Here are listed volcanoes described by Wondermondo.

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NoNameCountry, regionHeightValueRank
159 Poás Volcano and Laguna Caliente Costa Rica, Alajuela 2,708 Geology, Biology, Visual 5
183 McDonald Islands Australia, Heard Island and McDonald Islands 230? Geology, Visual 7
266 Vailulu'u Eel City and Moat of Death American Samoa -590 Biology, Geology 5
511 Mount Bosavi Crater Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlands 2,507 Biology, Visual 4
561 Kawah Ijen Indonesia, East Java 2,154 Geology, Visual 3
566 Daikoku Sulfur Cauldron Northern Mariana Islands, Northern Island Municipality - 420 m Geology, Biology 3
569 Patomskiy Crater Russia, Irkutsk Oblast ? m Geology, Unexplained 3
570 Ol Doinyo Lengai Tanzania, Arusha 2,890-3,188 m Geology 3


Costa Rica: Poás Volcano and Laguna Caliente

Laguna Caliente in Poas crater in white color
Laguna Caliente in Poás crater in white color / Richie Diesterheft, Flickr. CC BY 2.0

There are many interesting volcanos around the world but few are as interesting as Poás volcano in Costa Rica, which contains one of the most acidic lakes of the world - Laguna Caliente - which often changes color and often throws up the acid like a geyser - even hundreds of metres high! This acid lake and surrounding fumaroles produce acid fogs and rains which have wiped out the vegetation near the summit.