List of described waterfalls and rapids

Here are listed waterfalls and rapids described in this Website.

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NoNameCountry, regionHeight (m)Width (m)ValueRank
3Flying waterfalls in Milford Sound New Zealand, Southlandseveral hundred meters-Geology, Visual6
81Wai'ale'ale Falls, Weeping Wall United States, Hawaii˜ 900-Geology, Visual5
82Kaieteur Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni251113Geology, Visual2
91Olo'upena Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 900-Geology, Visual3
92Haloku Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 700-Geology, Visual6
93Pu'uka'oku Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 840-Geology, Visual5
94Wailele Falls, Moloka'i United States, Hawaii˜ 580-Geology, Visual6
95Kahiwa Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 660-Geology, Visual6
96Papalaua Falls United States, Hawaii501-Geology, Visual4
97Hipuapua Falls United States, Hawaii160-Geology, Visual7
98Moa'ula Falls United States, Hawaii> 76-Geology, Visual7
99Hina Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 380-Geology, Visual8
100Mo'oloa Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 440-Geology, Visual8
101Haha Falls United States, Hawaii˜ 240-Geology, Visual8
102Waimanu Falls, Moloka'i United States, Hawaii550 (?)-Geology, Visual8
147Nohkalikai Falls India, Meghalaya˜ 335-Geology, Visual4
163Inga Falls Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bas-Congo--Geology, Visual, Biology4
177Mele Cascades Vanuatu, Shefa˜ 70-Geology, Visual7
182Hugh's Dale Waterfall Australia, Christmas Island˜ 12-Geology, Visual8
190Wairere Falls New Zealand, Waikato154?Geology, Visual6
191Browne Falls New Zealand, Southland836 ?12 ?Geology, Visual6
192Sutherland Falls New Zealand, Southland58027 ?Geology, Visual3
202Cranny Falls United Kingdom, Northern Ireland??Geology, Visual8
205Ghara Soo Falls Iran, Razavi Khorasan??Geology, Visual7
231Kalambo Falls Zambia, Northern Province23518Geology, Archaeology, Visual3
242Jinbar Falls Ethiopia, Amhara> 500?Geology, Visual3
247Sautadet Falls France, Languedoc-Roussillon?40Geology, Visual7
249Grande Cascade de Gavarnie (Gavarnie Falls) France, Midi-Pyrénées42215Geology, Visual3
265Sinaloa Waterfall Samoa, Palauli220?Geology, Visual5
271Vaipo Falls French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands˜ 3503Geology, Visual4
274La Grande Cascade de la rivière du ChâteauKerguelen Islands˜ 150?Geology, Visual7
277Ventisquero Colgante FallsChile, Aisén> 35030Geology, Visual2
278Laja FallsChile, Biobío35110Geology, Visual5
284Iguazu FallsArgentina, Misiones and Brazil, Paraná822682Geology, Visual1
289Moconá FallsArgentina, Misiones and Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul12> 2000Geology, Visual3
291Monday Falls (Saltos del Monday)Paraguay, Alto Paraná45120Geology, Visual4
292Nacunday Falls (Salto Ñacunday)Paraguay, Alto Paraná40110Geology, Visual4
294Arcoiris FallsBolivia, Santa Cruz88˜ 50Geology, Visual4
295Frederico Ahlfeld FallsBolivia, Santa Cruz25 - 45˜ 60Geology, Visual5
296Cola de Caballo FallsBolivia, Santa Cruz> 90?Geology, Visual6
297Yumbilla FallsPeru, Amazonas895.58Geology, Visual3
303Kamarang Great FallsGuyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni16046Geology, Visual5
305Oshi FallsGuyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni21430Geology, Visual4
306King Edward VIII FallsGuyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni˜ 25615Geology, Visual4
307Kumerau FallsGuyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni˜ 19060Geology, Visual3
308Aruwai FallsGuyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni˜60> 500Geology, Visual5
309Marina Fall on IpobeGuyana, Potaro-Siparuni˜ 152-Geology, Visual6
311Orinduik FallsGuyana and Brazil˜ 25> 150Geology, Visual6
312Kurutuik FallsGuyana and Brazil˜ 100> 20Geology, Visual5
313Amaila FallsGuyana, Potaro-Siparuni˜ 60˜ 45Geology, Visual5
316Adjoura FallsEthiopia, Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region˜ 250˜ 10Geology, Visual4
324Fossá, StreymoyFaroe Islands, Streymoyar˜ 110˜ 10Geology, Visual6
325Yosemite FallsUnited States, California739˜ 28Geology, Visual2
342Dunn's River FallsJamaica, Saint Ann˜ 55?Geology, Visual4
357Tufton Hall WaterfallGrenada, Saint Mark˜ 25?Geology, Visual8
358Falls of BaleineSaint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint David˜ 19?Geology, Visual8
361Diamond FallsSaint Lucia˜ 17?Geology, Visual6
362Carbet FallsGuadeloupe> 245?Geology, Visual4
377Honokohau FallsUnited States, Hawaii341?Geology, Visual3
379Bras de Caverne in Trou de FerRéunion725?Geology, Visual2
389Kuryong FallsNorth Korea744Geology, Visual5
392Angel FallsVenezuela, Bolivar97920Geology, Visual1
393Vrtiglavica FallsSlovenia, Slovenian Littoral (underground)˜ 420?Geology, Visual3
395Chamarel FallsMauritius83?Geology, Visual5
398Victoria FallsZambia and Zimbabwe1081708Geology, Visual1
402St. John Falls near GbedinLiberia and Guinea˜ 2540Geology, Visual6
406NjupeskärSweden, Dalarna125?Geology, Visual4
407Kongou FallsGabon, Ogooué-Ivindo573200Geology, Visual3
409Phophonyane FallsSwaziland, Hhohho80?Geology, Visual6
410Maletsunyane FallsLesotho, Maseru19225Geology, Visual3
415LamadayaSomalia, Sanaag??Geology, Visual5
416Bombaim FallsSão Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé˜ 7?Geology, Visual8
417Kalandula FallsAngola, Malanje105 (?)410Geology, Visual3
419Likhubula FallsMalawi, Mulanje12 (?)?Geology, Visual6
425Karera FallsBurundi, Rutana~ 80?Geology, Visual5
426Rusumo FallsRwanda, Eastern~ 15~ 15Geology, Visual7
428Boali FallsCentral African Republic, Ombella-M'Poko~ 50~ 250Geology, Visual4
429Qingkou tiankeng waterfallsChina, Chongqing Municipality~ 170?Geology, Visual2
433Lobé FallsCameroon, South~ 17 - 10270Geology, Visual4
441Kpalimé FallsTogo, Plateaux> 100?Geology, Visual5
445Kokkol FallsKazakhstan, East Kazakhstan> 6025Geology, Visual5
454Caracol FallsBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul131 (?)25Geology, Visual3
456Helmcken FallsCanada, British Columbia14115Geology, Visual3
457Schwarzenbach FallsCanada, Nunavut˜ 52030Geology, Visual3
463Blood FallsAntarctica, Victoria Land˜ 15˜ 15Geology, Biology4
464Airdevronsix icefallsAntarctica, Victoria Land˜ 400˜ 5000Geology, Visual2
465Warren icefallAntarctica, Victoria Land˜ 400˜ 920Geology, Visual4
466Pissing Mare FallsCanada, Newfoundland343˜ 3Geology, Visual5
468Cola de Caballo, JaliscoMexico, Jalisco> 1504 - 6Geology, Visual5
475Cachoeira da Fumaça (Fumaca Waterfall)Brazil, Bahia340˜ 8Geology, Visual4
479Wulai WaterfallTaiwan, New Taipei City80˜ 3Geology, Visual5
489Bala'a sinkhole (Baatara sinkhole) and waterfallLebanon, North˜ 255?Geology, Visual2
491Risco WaterfallPortugal, Madeira˜ 100?Geology, Visual5
500Ventas Rumba (Venta Rapids)Latvia, Kurzeme2275Geology, Visual4
502Kefrida FallsAlgeria, Béjaïa44˜ 3Geology, Visual4
505Tugela FallsSouth Africa, KwaZulu-Natal9483-15Geology, Visual2
506Wadi El Rayan FallsEgypt, Faiyum˜ 106 - 10Geology, Visual5
509Horsetail FallUnited States, California˜ 6300 - 3Geology, Visual3
512Bisi Falls (Wasi falls)Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlands˜ 100˜ 300Geology, Visual3
517Eldorado Falls (Aracá Falls)Brazil, Amazonas353˜ 15Geology, Visual3
518Desabamento FallsBrazil, Amazonas> 200?Geology, Visual5
519Gouina FallsMali, Kayes16˜ 500Geology, Visual4
522Gocta FallsPeru, Amazonas77130Geology, Visual2
523Onneto Hot Falls and springs (Yuno-taki waterfall)Japan, Hokkaidō˜ 30?Geology, Visual4
532Rhine FallsSwitzerland, Schaffhausen and Zürich23150Geology, Visual2
533Saharna FallsMoldova, Rezina6.50.5Geology, Visual6
543Pliva WaterfallBosnia and Herzegovina, Central Bosnia2250Geology, Visual3
544Hiilawe WaterfallUnited States, Hawaii44215Geology, Visual3
545Wall of Tears, MauiUnited States, Hawaii488 (?)?Geology, Visual2
546Waihilau FallsUnited States, Hawaii790 (?)?Geology, Visual2
547Waipoo FallsUnited States, Hawaii244 (?)?Geology, Visual3
548Wailua FallsUnited States, Hawaii2610Geology, Visual4
559Virginia FallsCanada, Northwest Territories90259Geology, Visual2
562Multnomah FallsUnited States, Oregon1943Geology, Visual3


Kaieteur - the most impressive waterfall

Kaieteur, Guyana
Kaieteur / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

There is little doubt that Kaieteur is one of the most impressive waterfalls on Earth. It has got it all: 251 m height with a 226 m tall, free falling plunge, the impressive 113 m width, extreme power of stream and beautiful primeval landscape.

At the base of Kaieteur the force of the falling water creates weird phenomenon - constant hurricane. Wind is pulling the visitors and it seems that the day is grey and stormy. But - as one leaves the base of falls - it turns out that the sun is shining and all trees stand calm.

France: Grande Cascade de Gavarnie (Gavarnie Falls)

Cirque de Gavarnie with waterfall
Cirque de Gavarnie with waterfall / Mathieu Legros, Flickr. CC BY 2.0

The tallest waterfall in France is Grande Cascade de Gavarnie – Gavarnie Falls. This 422 m tall waterfall forms a magnificent backdrop of Cirque de Gavarnie – the most dramatic landscape in Pyrenees.

Argentina: Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls - one of most impressive waterfalls in world
Iguazu Falls / L.Galuzzi, CC BY-SA 2.5

One of the most spectacular natural landmarks in the world is Iguazu Falls. No figures and no words can describe the harmonious beauty of this waterfall - which by many is seen as the most magnificent waterfall in world.

Guyana: King Edward VIII Falls

King Edward VIII Falls in Gyuana, the 1930s
King Edward VIII Falls, the 1930s / From Paul A. Zahl, "To The Lost World", 1939., taken from an airplane.

Many giant waterfalls have formed on the abrupt eastern escarpment of Pakaraima mountains. One of the tallest and most impressive ones is King Edward VIII Falls.

Jamaica: Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
Water falls over the tufa formations / Jim Amorin, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

One of the most exciting natural landmarks in Jamaica is Dunn's River Falls.

This is not just a waterfall - this is a set of tufa terraces formed by springs and ending directly into the Caribbean Sea.

Brazil: Caracol Falls

Caracol Falls in sunset, Brazil
Caracol Falls in sunset / Gabriel Figueiredo Fontes, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil is Caracol Falls. This 131 m tall waterfall by far is not the tallest or largest but it has a rare quality - there are excellent viewpoints where the beauty of Caracol Falls and surrounding forests and mountains can be observed.

Lesotho: Maletsunyane Falls

Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho
Maletsunyane Falls / BagelBelt, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

The best known natural landmark in Lesotho is Maletsunyane waterfall. It belongs to top-league waterfalls of the world due to its impressive height (192 m), magnificent setting, rather wide stream and "clean", uninterrupted fall.

Kazakhstan: Kokkol Falls

Kokkol Falls, Kazakstan
Kokkol Falls in Altai Mountains / Петербургская школа йоги, / license comparable to CC BY 2.0

Most beautiful falls in the western part of Altai Mountains are Kokkol Falls - impressive, 60 - 80 m tall waterfall.

Canada: Pissing Mare Falls

Pissing Mare Falls, as seen over the Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland in Canada
Pissing Mare Falls, as seen over the Western Brook Pond / Aconcagua, / CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the tallest waterfalls in eastern North America is Pissing Mare Falls in Gros Morne National Park, Canada. This waterfall is 343 m tall.

Brazil: Eldorado Falls

Eldorado Falls, Brazil
Eldorado Falls from above. Group of tourists in the forefront. / Screenshot from Youtube video Cachoeira do Eldorado em Barcelos-AM, Moacir.R.Cruz

Although there are reports about taller waterfalls in Brazil, Eldorado Falls currently are declared to be the tallest ones. These 353 m (at least) tall falls are truly spectacular and are located in spectacular natural setting.

Switzerland: Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls, Switzerland
Rhine Falls / Joggi, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the major rivers of Europe has a waterfall on it - and, of course, this is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. These are the magnificent Rhine Falls in Switzerland - some 23 m tall and 150 m wide.