List of described places with meteorological phenomena

Here are listed places with meteorological phenomena described in this website.

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NoNameCountry, regionValueRank
143 Catatumbo Lightning VenezuelaMeteorology, Visual4
144 Morning Glory of Carpentaria Gulf AustraliaMeteorology, Visual4
145 Cherrapunji (Sohra) IndiaMeteorology6
146 Mawsynram IndiaMeteorology6
150 Chir Batti IndiaMeteorology, Unexplained6
151 Naga fireballs of Mekong Thailand, LaosMeteorology, Unexplained, Visual4
152 Roopkund - Skeleton Lake IndiaMeteorology6
153 Markansu Desert - Valley of Tornadoes TajikistanMeteorology7
154 Katabatic winds at Commonwealth Bay AntarcticaMeteorology5
155 Dome A AntarcticaMeteorology6
156 Ridge A AntarcticaMeteorology7
157 Paasselkä devils FinlandUnexplained, Meteorology, Geology7
158 Hessdalen lights NorwayUnexplained, Meteorology5
159 Poás Volcano and Laguna Caliente Costa RicaGeology, Biology, Visual5
160 Gandom Beryan in Lut Desert IranMeteorology6
161 Yungay ChileMeteorology, Geology, Biology5
162 Kifuka Democratic Republic of the CongoMeteorology7
164 Yoro Fish Rain HondurasUnexplained7
217 Dallol salt springs and geysers EthiopiaGeology, Visual2


Antarctica: Katabatic winds at Commonwealth Bay

Winter at Mawson Hut, Cape Denison, Antarctica
Storm at Mawson Hut / Frank Hurley, 1911-1914, State Library of New South Wales.

The chief meteorologist of Douglas Mawson's expedition to Commonwealth Bay C.T.Madigan wrote in 1913:

"For nine months of the year an almost continous blizzard rages, and for weeks one can only crawl about outside the shelter of the hut unable to see an arm's length owing to the blinding snow drift..."

Nowadays Commonwealth Bay and especially Cape Dennison is considered to be the windiest place of the world.