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NoNameCountry, regionCategoryRankDescription
301 Forest of daisy trees in Santa Cruz Ecuador, Galápagos Islands Ecosystems 6 Dense stand of Scalesia pedunculata - an endemic daisy tree. This forest is short-lived - all trees die simultaneously and in a few years time new forest grows again.
302 Las Lajas Sanctuary Colombia, Nariño Churches 3 A daring achievement of structural engineering - 100 m tall church with a bridge across a deep canyon. Constructed in 1949 in the site of miraculous apparition of Virgin Mary.
303 Kamarang Great Falls Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Waterfalls 5 Approximately 160 m tall and 46 m wide waterfall in pristine, remote area.
304 Cusco historic center Peru, Cusco Cities and towns 2 Former capital of Inca Empire, established in the 10th - 13th century AD. Cusco to a large extent retains the original Inca city planning, it is rich with the original Inca structures and interesting Spanish colonial architecture.
305 Oshi Falls Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Waterfalls 4 Very impressive waterfall with a single vertical, 214 m tall plunge.
306 King Edward VIII Falls Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Waterfalls 4 Spectacular, approximately 256 m tall waterfall in remote area of Guyana.
307 Kumerau Falls Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Waterfalls 3 Approximately 190 m tall and 60 m wide waterfall. Water falls over an cliff overhang.
308 Aruwai Falls Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Waterfalls 5 Approximately 60 m tall and 500 m wide waterfall on Mazaruni River.
309 Marina Fall on Ipobe Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni Waterfalls 6 Some 152 m tall, thin waterfall. Discovered in 1934 and named after Princess Marina at her wedding day in 1935.
310 Notre Dame de Paris France, Île-de-France Churches 1 One of the best known man made landmarks in the world, this cathedral was built in 1163 - the late 14th century. One of the highest achievements of French Gothic style, contains multiple values of art.
311 Orinduik Falls Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni Waterfalls 6 Approximately 25 m tall and 150 - 230 m wide waterfall on Ireng River. Water falls in many steps over a semiprecious rock - red jasper.
312 Kurutuik Falls Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni Waterfalls 5 Approximately 100 m tall and 20 - 30 m wide waterfall on Ireng River, with two cascades. Located in remote, rarely visited area.
313 Amaila Falls Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni Waterfalls 5 Some 60 m tall and approximately 45 m wide waterfall in rainforest. A planned hydropower plant will leave falls dry.
314 Chapel of St. Nicholas - Sint Nicolaaskapel in Nijmegen Netherlands, Gelderland Churches 7 One of the oldest buildings in the Netherlands, constructed shortly after 1030. Interesting monument of Romanesque architecture, the only remaining part of Valkhof castle.
315 Goto Meer (Goto Lake) Bonaire Ecosystems 8 Saline lake (155 ha) with one of the largest popuilations of Caribbean flamingos in Southern Caribbean.
316 Adjoura Falls (Ajora Falls) Ethiopia, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region Waterfalls 4 Twin falls, each some 250 m tall. Each of the waterfalls consists of a single, vertical plunge.
317 Cathedral of Havana Cuba, La Habana Churches 5 The finest example of Cuban Baroque - Jesuit church built in 1748 - 1777 and turned into city cathedral.
318 Mount Recheshnoi Geyser field, Umnak United States, Alaska Geysers 5 The only location in Alaska with true geysers. In 1988 here were 5 geysers, the highest was 2 m tall.
319 Al-Aqsa Mosque Palestine, Jerusalem Islamic shrines 1 Third most important Islamic shrine in the world, this mosque was built in 1035 in the site of earlier shrines. In 12th century served as the first headquarters of the order of Knights Templar, providing the name of the order.
320 Crystal Cave, Bermuda Bermuda, Hamilton parish Caves, Ecosystems 5 Gorgeous, mostly inundated, some 500 m long cave. Opened to tourists since 1908, a habitat of endemic invertebrates.
321 Tree of Life, Bahrain Bahrain, Southern Governorate Trees 8 This large Prosopis cineraria tree reportedly was planted here in 1583 and since then grows alone in harsh, desolate desert.
322 Church of Our Lady in Kalundborg Denmark, Sjælland Churches 4 Unique Romanesque church with five towers, possibly inspired by the the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Construction finished in 1220s.
323 Østerlars Church, Bornholm Denmark, Bornholm Churches 3 One of the few fortified round churches in the world, built sometimes around 1160 AD. Contains valuable medieval frescoes. Modern legends about Knights Templar and unknown crypt below the church.
324 Fossá, Streymoy Faroe Islands, Streymoyar Waterfalls 6 The largest waterfall in Faroe Islands - 110 - 140 m tall, with two vertical cascades.
325 Yosemite Falls United States, California Waterfalls 2 One of most magnificent waterfalls in the world, 739 m tall. Seven drops, the tallest - Upper Fall - is 436 m high.
326 Qinngua Valley Greenland, Kujalleq Ecosystems 6 The only natural forest in Greenland, mainly consisting of birch and willow trees, which grow here up to 7 - 8 m high.
327 Natá Church Panama, Coclé Churches 5 The oldest church on the mainland America, constructed in 1522 - the late 17th century.
328 Great Mosque of Djenné Mali, Mopti Islamic shrines 1 Largest adobe building in the world, constructed in 1907 or 1909. The best example of the unique Sudano-Sahelian architcture style.
329 Joya de Cerén El Salvador, La Libertad Abandoned cities and towns, Ancient cities and towns, Museums 5 Exceptionally well preserved Mayan settlement, suddenly buried under a thick layer of ash sometimes around 610 - 670 AD.
330 Avenue of the Baobabs Madagascar, Menabe Ecosystems 3 One of the best known natural monuments in Madagascar - group of enormous Grandidier's baobabs lined along a road.
331 Baobab Amoureux - baobabs in love Madagascar, Menabe Trees 7 Legendary trees - two enormous Adansonia za baobabs, which have twisted together.
332 Cathedral of the Assumption, León Nicaragua, León Churches 3 A building of special importance for Nicaragua, the largest cathedral in Central America. Constructed in 1747 - 1818 in Baroque and Neo-Classicism styles, contains burials of most prominent poets in Nicaragua.
333 Blue Grotto in Capri Italy, Campania Caves 3 The best known blue grotto in the world - 54 m long sea cave with blue glowing water. Swimming place for Roman Emperor Tiberius.
334 Grotta dello Smeraldo - Emerald Grotto Italy, Campania Caves 6 Cave, which is partly inundated by the sea, illuminated by eerie emerald colored light. Unexplored passages.
335 El Mirador - ancient Maya metropolis Guatemala, Petén Abandoned cities and towns, Ancient cities and towns 1 Ruins of early Maya centre, possibly the largest Pre-Colombian Maya city, with some of the largest prehistoric structures in the world. Flourished in the 3rd century BC - 1st century AD.
336 Krýsuvík - Seltún geothermal area Iceland, Suðurnes Geothermal fields, Springs 6 Spectacular geothermal fields on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, historical sulphur mine. Hot springs, solfataras, fumaroles and colored soil.
337 Milan Cathedral Italy, Lombardia Churches 1 One of the greatest buildings in the world. Construction took 582 years, from 1386 to 1965. Second largest Gothic cathedral in the world, with the highest nave, adorned with some 3,400 sculptures.
338 Orvieto Cathedral Italy, Umbria Churches 2 Luxuriant, even overwhelming Gothic cathedral with one of the most magnificent building facades in the world, contains many art values. Constructed in 1290 - 1591.
339 Boiling Hole in Lake Catherine Turks and Caicos Islands, West Caicos Caves 7 Blue hole on the bottom of lake - underwater connection to the sea. Sea water surges through the cave mouth, creating the effect of boiling. Cave is explored up to 206 m length.
340 Florence Cathedral Italy, Tuscany Churches 1 Building which to a large extent defined the Renaissance in architecture - late Gothic - Early Renaissance cathedral, constructed in 1296 - 1469. Has the largest masonry dome in the world with one of the largest frescoes in it.
341 Popa Taung Kalat Burma, Mandalay Region Buddhist shrines 3 One of the most sacred places in Burma - monastery built on the top of vertical cliff, which rises some 170 - 180 m above the surroundings. Legendary abode of nats - spirits of deceased great people.
342 Dunn's River Falls Jamaica, Saint Ann Waterfalls, Spring tufa, travertine and other formations 4 Some 55 m tall and more than 180 m long set of waterfalls - tufa terraces, ending into the Caribbean Sea.
343 Kagem Emerald Mines Zambia, Copperbelt Province Gemstone finds 6 Rich finds of some of the best emeralds in the world.
344 Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi Italy, Umbria Churches 2 Basilica of high importance to Christian faith, built to commemorate one of the greatest Christian preachers - Saint Francis of Assisi. Constructed in 1228 - 1253 in Romanesque and Gothic styles, consists of Lower and Upper church and contains one of the most magnificent collection of frescoes worldwide.
345 Jacmel Haiti, Sud-Est Cities and towns 6 Historical town, established in 1698. Developed as a coffee trading harbor, now hosts rich art scene. Centre consists of historical buildings, mainly from the late 19th century.
346 Great Sphinx of Giza Egypt, Giza Rock cut architecture, Ancient monuments and memorials 1 Most ancient monumental sculpture in the world, a 73.5 m long statue of sphinx. Hewn by Ancient Egyptians from live limestone rock sometimes around 2558 - 2532 BC.
347 Palo Quemado blue amber mine Dominican Republic, Santiago Gemstone finds 4 The richest find of the extremely rare blue amber.
348 Siena Cathedral of Santa Maria Italy, Tuscany Churches 2 Very ornate cathedral, built in Romanesque - Gothic style in 1229 - 1263. Contains large amount of outstanding works of art - frescoes, sculptures, stained glass and others.
349 Cathedral of San Juan Bautista Puerto Rico, San Juan Churches 5 The second oldest cathedral in America, current building constructed in 1540, reshaped and reconstructed several times since then.
350 Cavannagh Cave Anguilla Caves 7 87 m long cave. Most likely place where the remnants of one of the largest rodents in world - the extinct hutia Amblyrhiza inundata - were found in the 19th century.
351 Aripo Main Cave, Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago Caves 6 The longest accessible cave system in Trinidad, 862 m long. Contains a colony of guacharo - the only nocturnal fruit eating bird in the world.
352 Quadirikiri Cave Aruba Caves 6 150 m long cave, which contains prehistoric drawings. Site of legends.
353 Boiling Lake Dominica Geothermal features 4 Constantly boiling lake, second largest boiling lake in the world. Lake has formed in a crater above fumarole and contains acid water.
354 Hato Caves Curaçao Caves, Petroglyphs and rock art 6 Approximately 240 m long cave, contains remnants of extinct rodents and, presumably, 1500 years old petroglyphs.
355 Christiansted United States Virgin Islands Cities and towns 7 Well preserved colonial town, built by Danes and black people in the late 18th - 19th centuries. Characteristic arcaded walkways and stone buildings in pastel colors.
356 Animal Flower Cave Barbados Caves 7 Cave in the steep sea coast. Cave has several pools and one can look out to Caribbean Sea while swimming in the cave.
357 Tufton Hall Waterfall Grenada Waterfalls 8 The tallest waterfall in Grenada, approximately 25 m tall. Stream is divided into two parts, each stream leaps over several cascades.
358 Falls of Baleine Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Waterfalls 8 One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Saint Vincent, approximately 19 - 18 m high.
359 Le Trou de David Saint Martin Sinkholes, Natural arches 9 Once impressive landmark - a large sinkhole with two natural arches towards the sea. Collapsed in December 2011.
360 Kaali Crater Estonia, Saaremaa Impact craters, Ancient shrines 2 One of the most recent known large impact craters which formed more than 4 000 years ago, most likely some 7 600 years ago. 110 m wide and 16 m deep.
361 Diamond Falls Saint Lucia Waterfalls 6 Approximately 17 m tall waterfall, fed by thermal sulphuric springs. Waterfall is adorned with colourful, constantly changing sediments.
362 Carbet Falls Guadeloupe Waterfalls 4 Most impressive waterfall in lesser Antilles, with total heigh in excess of 245 m. Located in lush rainforest, three major steps.
363 Diamond Rock Martinique Rock stacks 6 Sea stack - volcanic plug - which rises 175 m above the sea. This minor area is possibly the last place where lives Couress grass snake.
364 Aouelloul crater Mauritania, Adrar Impact craters 3 Exposed impact crater in the desert, approximately 390 m wide and 3.1 million years old. Numerous tectites have been found nearby.
365 Tenoumer crater Mauritania, Tiris Zemmour Impact craters 3 Very well preserved crater in the desert, approximately 1.9 km wide and 21 thousand years old.
366 Temimichât-Ghallaman crater Mauritania, Tiris Zemmour Impact craters 6 Well visible crater in remote area of Sahara, with up to 35 m tall rims, 640 - 730 m wide. Possible impact crater.
367 Cabo Blanco seal colony Mauritania, Dakhlet Nouadhibou and Western Sahara Animal colonies 6 The only colony of monk seals in the world, here live some 200 Mediterranean monk seals (Monachus monachus).
368 Pingualuit crater (Chubb crater) Canada, Quebec Impact craters 2 One of most prominent impact craters on Earth, 3.44 km wide and 0.4 km deep, formed 1.4 million years ago. 267 m deep, extremely pure lake in the crater.
369 Lonar crater India, Maharashtra Impact craters, Ecosystems 3 The only large impact crater in basaltic rocks, formed approximately 570 thousand years ago. Width 1.8 km, depth up to 150 m. In the crater is soda lake with unusual ecosystem.
370 Meteor crater (Barringer crater) United States, Arizona Impact craters 1 Possibly the best preserved impact crater on Earth, 49 000 years old. Diameter 1 180 m, depth - 170 m. The first confirmed extraterrestrial impact crater.
371 Veevers crater Australia, Western Australia Impact craters 5 One of the best preserved small impact craters on Earth, the only impact crater formed by IIAB iron meteorite. 75 m wide, 7 m deep, approximately 4 000 years old.
372 Wolfe Creek crater Australia, Western Australia Impact craters 2 One of the most impressive impact craters on Earth, formed some 300 000 years ago. Average diameter 875 m, depth up to 60 m. Rich finds of meteorites.
373 Erdene Zuu monastery Mongolia, Övörkhangai Province Buddhist shrines 3 The oldest existing Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, established in 1535, experienced numerous important historical events. Especially impressive is the 1.76 km long wall with 100 stupas.
374 Tabun Khara Obo Mongolia, Dornogovi Province Impact craters 5 Well preserved impact crater. Diameter approximately 1.3 km, present depth - 20 - 30 m.
375 Macha crater field Russia, Sakha Republic Impact craters 4 Group of very recent impact craters, formed approximately 7,300 years ago. Very well preserved, the largest crater has a diameter of 300 m.
376 Kaaba and Masjid-al-Haram Saudi Arabia, Makkah Islamic shrines, Ancient shrines, Sites of legends 1 The centre of Islam, one of most significant places in the world. Kaaba is ancient shrine, sacred place for several thousand years, it contains the mysterious Black Stone. Masjid al-Haram is world's largest mosque, area 35.7 ha.
377 Honokohau Falls United States, Hawaii Waterfalls 3 341 m tall waterfall, the tallest in Maui. Located in narrow valley and can be accessed with helicopter.
378 Wabar craters (al-Hadida meteors) Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province Impact craters 4 One of most recent impact craters on Earth - a group of three or more craters with diameter up to 116 m. Most likely created in the early 18th century. Large iron meteorites found here.
379 Trou de Fer canyon and waterfalls Réunion Canyons and ravines, Waterfalls 2 One of most impressive slot canyons in the world, with numerous waterfalls. The tallest is the unusual, 725 m tall waterfall of Bras de Caverne with three major steps. Tallest step is 300 m high.
380 Haczów Church Poland, Podkarpackie Churches 3 Oldest wooden church in Poland, most likely constructed in 1388 in Gothic style. Contains polychrome Gothic paintings from 1494.
381 Bimmah sinkhole Oman, Muscat Governorate Sinkholes 7 Approximately 30 m deep sinkhole with unusual deep blue-green lake in it.
382 Roter Kamm crater Namibia, Karas region Impact craters 4 Well visible, approximately 5 million years old impact crater, 2500 m wide and 130 m deep.
383 Lake Bosumtwi Ghana, Ashanti region Impact craters, Ecosystems 3 The most recent medium sized impact crater on Earth, formed some 1.07 million years ago. 10.5 km wide, filled with the largest lake in this part of Africa. Site of legends, endemic species of fish.
384 Amguid crater Algeria, Tamanghasset province Impact craters 3 One of the best preserved impact craters on Earth, located in a very remote area of Sahara. Less than 100 thousand years old, 530 m wide, approximately 65 m deep.
385 Tswaing crater South Africa, Gauteng province Impact craters 3 One of best preserved impact craters on Earth, up to 119 m deep and 1.13 km wide. Created approximately 220 000 years ago. Hypersaline lake on the bottom of crater.
386 Kamil crater Egypt, New Valley governorate Impact craters 4 Best preserved small meteorite crater on Earth, diameter 44.8 m, depth 15.8 m. They only impact crater with ejecta rays on Earth. Formed less than 5,000 years ago.
387 Vallée de Mai Seychelles, Praslin Ecosystems 2 Relict forest of prehistoric Gondwana. Numerous endemic species, including the only forest of coco de mer (Lodoicea maldivica) - the palm with the largest seeds in the world.
388 Carancas impact crater Peru, Puni Impact craters 4 The only impact crater whose formation was witnessed by modern people. This 13.5 m wide crater formed in 2007.
389 Kuryong Falls North Korea, Kangwon Waterfalls, Sites of legends 5 74 m tall waterfall in very scenic place, one of most impressive waterfalls in North Korea.
390 Borgund stave church Norway, Sogn og Fjordane Churches 2 Most authentic wooden stave church in Norway, built between 1180 and 1200. Adorned with woodcarvings, runes.
391 Škocjan caves Slovenia, Slovenian Littoral Caves, Ancient shrines 1 6.2 km long cave system with enormous halls and the most impressive, up to 146 m deep underground canyon in the world. Prehistoric cult site, place of great scenic beauty.
392 Angel Falls Venezuela, Bolivar Waterfalls 1 The tallest waterfall in the world, total height 979 m, tallest uninterrupted drop - 807 m.
393 Vrtiglavica cave Slovenia, Slovenian Littoral Caves, Waterfalls 3 643 m deep cave, similar to an extremely deep well. Contains the world's deepest underground vertical pitch - 603 m. 400 - 440 m tall waterfall inside.
394 Karahunj (Zorats Karer) Armenia, Syunik province Prehistoric settlements, Prehistoric fortifications, Prehistoric and ancient cemeteries, Megaliths 3 Megalithic necropolis from the 3rd - 2nd millenia BC (?). Contains a ring of upright stones. Many standing stones have holes in the upper ends. According to some researchers the site served as astronomical observatory.
395 Chamarel Falls Mauritius Waterfalls 5 83 m tall waterfall - vertical, free falling plunge at the rim of lava flow.
396 Boddam Church British Indian Ocean Territory Churches 8 Ruins of Catholic church, built in 1932 for plantation workers in the remote Chagos Archipelago.
397 Kaani tree in Maroshi Maldives Trees 7 Enormous kaani tree (Cordia subcordata), historically linked to to the freedom fights in Maldives in the late 16th century.
398 Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya) Zambia and Zimbabwe Waterfalls 1 World's largest curtain of falling water and one of most impressive natural landmarks worldwide - 108 m tall and 1,708 m wide waterfall.
399 Hagia Sophia Turkey, Istanbul Churches, Mosques, Museums 1 Largest cathedral in the world for almost 1000 years, constructed in 537 AD. Main ceremonial centre of Byzantine Empire, later converted to mosque. High achievement of Byzantine style with immense impact on further development of European and Islamic architecture.
400 Ottobeuren Abbey Germany, Bavaria Christian monasteries, Churches 2 Large and old Benedictine monastery, founded in 764 AD. Includes one of most beautiful Baroque cathedrals with ornate, harmonious interior in Rococo style.


Galápagos Islands: Forest of daisy trees in Santa Cruz

Unique forest of Scalesia pedunculata, Santa Cruz in Galápagos Islands
Unique forest of Scalesia pedunculata, Santa Cruz / Haplochromis, / CC BY-SA 3.0

Some daisies look like trees. And in some places these tree-like daisies form true forests.

Such unique forest has formed in the central part of Santa Cruz - one of Galápagos Islands. This unusual forest though is in immediate peril and can disappear soon.

Île-de-France: Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris, France
Notre Dame de Paris / A.Thomas, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-2.5

One of the most iconic and best known man made landmarks in the world is Notre Dame de Paris. This cathedral is visited by more than 13 million people every year.

Guyana: Orinduik Falls

Orinduik Falls, Guyana
Orinduik Falls / Ian Mazkenzie, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

There have formed several beautiful waterfalls on Ireng River. The best known are Orinduik Falls. This 25 m tall and more than 150 m wide waterfall falls over a semiprecious gemstone - red jasper.

Cuba: Cathedral of Havana

Cathedral of Havana
Cathedral of Havana / Stephen Colebourne, Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

One of the most prominent historical buildings in Cuba is Cathedral of Havana.

This ornate building is somewhat smaller than many other metropolitan cathedrals around the world - but there is a reason for it.

Palestine: Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem / Lazhar Neftien, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

There are few buildings, which have very special importance in the history of the world. One of them is Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Denmark: Østerlars Church, Bornholm

Østerlars Church, Bornholm
Østerlars Church / Hubertus, , CC BY-SA 3.0

Don't be mislead by the small size of Østerlars Church - this small building holds amazing values of art and history and... also some enticing mysteries.

Mali: Great Mosque of Djenné

Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali
Great Mosque of Djenné / Geri, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Europeans may look in disbelief - is it for real? Does it exist? The Great Mosque of Djenné is as real as it can be - this magnificent structure is the centre of the ancient Djenné city, it is physical and spiritual centre of this amazing Sub-Saharan metropolis.

Madagascar: Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabs near Morondava
Avenue of the Baobabs near Morondava / Olivier Lejade, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Major part of people in the world have seen this sight - if not a photograph, then at least the versions of this view in the cartoon movie "Madagascar". Avenue of the Baobabs comes in the minds of many people when they hear the word - "Madagascar".

Guatemala: El Mirador - ancient Maya metropolis

La Danta pyramid in El Mirador - one of the largest pyramids in the world, Guatemala
La Danta pyramid in El Mirador - one of the largest pyramids in the world. El Tigre pyramid is seen in the background, to the left / Dennis Jarvis, / CC BY-SA 2.0

The thick forest cover in the heart of the ancient land of Maya could not cover these giant buildings - even thousands of years after their construction the pyramids of El Mirador rise high above the rainforest. This land is abandoned now - but once upon a time this was the first and largest metropolis of Maya civilization.

Italy: Orvieto Cathedral

Orvieto Cathedral, Italy - impressive monument of religious architecture
Facade of Orvieto Cathedral / H.P.Schaefer, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the highest achievements of Italian Gothic art and architecture is Orvieto Cathedral. Few buildings in the world are that ornate, and at the same time - few have such a well balanced and harmonious architecture.

Italy: Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral
Florence Cathedral in the night / M.Obal, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0

There are few buildings with such great importance for world architecture as Florence Cathedral. Many world-famed architects and artisans have built it but Filippo Brunelleschi - the true genius of structural engineering - should be mentioned first.

Haiti: Jacmel

Architectural details in Jacmel, Haiti
Architectural details in Jacmel / Alex Polotsky, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

One of the most charming towns in Haiti is Jacmel - old coffee port, which was established in 1698. Nearly all buildings in the centre of this town are built in the late 19th century.

Dominican Republic: Palo Quemado blue amber mine

Blue amber, Dominican Republic
Blue amber from the Dominican Republic / Vassil, / public domain

There exists blue amber! But it is very rare - a lot more rare than diamonds and most other gemstones in the world.

The best place in the world to find blue amber is Palo Quemado amber mine in Dominican Republic.

Dominica: Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake, Dominica
Boiling Lake / Jean & Nathallie, / CC BY 2.0

The second largest hot lake in the world is Boiling Lake in Dominica - only the Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand is larger.

Barbados: Animal Flower Cave

View from Animal Flower Cave, Barbados
View from Animal Flower Cave / Berit, / CC BY 2.0

Barbados offers a very special way to look on the Atlantic Ocean – through the entrance of Animal Flower Cave, sitting in a pool which is rised few metres above the sea level.

Estonia: Kaali Crater

Kaali crater, Estonia
Kaali crater / Siim Ainsaar, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most recent impact craters on Earth is Kaali Crater in Estonia. This large crater formed some 4 - 7.6 thousand years ago and this could be the only large impact crater which formed in a populated area.

Mauritania: Tenoumer crater

Tenoumer crater, Mauritania
Tenoumer crater in Mauritania, January 2008 / NASA / ASTER, Earth Observatory / CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the best preserved impact craters on Earth is Tenoumer crater in Mauritania. This 1.9 km wide and up to 110 m deep crater is almost perfectly circular and was created by meteorite in Pleistocene, approximately 21,400 ± 9,700 years ago.

India: Lonar Crater

Lonar crater lake, India
Lonar crater lake / V4vjk, , CC BY-SA 3.0

Lonar crater is unique impact structure - the only large impact crater in basalt on Earth with unusual soda lake in it.

Australia: Wolfe Creek crater

Wolfe Creek Crater, Australia
Wolfe Creek Crater / Kookaburra, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Wolfe Creek crater is one of the most impressive impact craters on Earth, sometimes compared to the most impressive one - Meteor crater (Barringer crater) in Arizona, United States.

Saudi Arabia: Kaaba and Masjid-al-Haram

Kaaba, Mecca
Kaaba - centre of Islam / A.K.Photography, / CC BY-SA 2.0

The history of the mysterious Kaaba started long before Islam and this could be one of the oldest active shrines in the world. Today Kaaba and Masjid-al-Haram around it is the centre of Islam - a religion with some 1.6 billion followers. Thus it is one of most significant places in the world.

Reunion: Trou de Fer canyon and waterfalls

Bras de Caverne Falls in Trou de Fer, Réunion
View from above. The tallest - 300 m step of Bras de Caverne in the upper middle part, 270 m tall fall of Bras Mazerin in lower left corner. "Washing Machine" is the sharp corner of canyon in the central - right side of image / jennifer_greatoutdoors, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Trou de Fer is one of most magnificent canyons in the world. This canyon is adorned with countless waterfalls, including the 725 m tall falls of Bras de Caverne stream.

Namibia: Roter Kamm crater

Roter Kamm crater photographed from Landsat 7, Namibia
Roter Kamm crater / Landsat 7, USGS / NASA, public domain

The Roter Kamm crater (from German - "red ridge" crater) in the desolate sands of Namib Desert was created by a meteorite some 5 million years ago.

Seychelles: Vallée de Mai

Vallée de Mai, Seychelles
Vallée de Mai / Reed Wiedower, , CC BY-SA 2.0

The palm forest in Vallée de Mai is a descendant of the primeval forests of Gondwana continent. Here live numerous plants and animals which are found only on granitic islands of Seychelles. The most exclusive plant here is coco de mer palm (Lodoicea maldivica) with the largest seeds in the world.

Slovenia: Škocjan caves

Travertine terraces in Škocjan caves, Slovenia
Rimstone Pool terraces in Škocjan Caves / Wikimedia Commons, Húsönd, CC-BY-SA-3.0

Škocjan caves belong to the most interesting caves in the world, with several exceptional qualities. This magnificent natural landmark has served as a cult site for several millenia.

The cave sistem contains the deepest underground river canyon in the world - up to 146 m deep canyon of Reka.

Armenia: Karahunj (Zorats Karer)

Karahunj, Armenia
Karahunj stone circle / Alexandr Naumov, , CC BY 2.0

One of the best known and most interesting archaeological landmarks in Armenia is Karahunj, often called Zorats Karer. Most likely this is settlement and megalithic necropolis from the Middle Bronze Age - Iron Age. According to alternative theory this is purported world's oldest astronomical observatory, built in the 6th millenia BC.

Germany: Ottobeuren Abbey

Ottobeuren Basilica, Germany
Interior of Ottobeuren Basilica / Johannes Böckh & Thomas Mirtsch, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0

There are no doubts: Ottobeuren Abbey and, especially, Ottobeuren Basilica have some of the best Baroque and Rococo style interiors worldwide. Though, just a few realise the wealth of symbolic messages in the architecture and embellishments of Basilica - such as the four richly dressed and embellished skeletons.