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NoNameCountry, regionCategoryRankDescription
201 Meayll Hill (Mull Hill) Stone Circle United Kingdom, Isle of Man Megaliths, Prehistoric and ancient cemeteries, Sites of legends 5 Unique complex of burial chambers - 12 chambers forming a ring with a diameter of 15.6 - 16.2 m. Created sometimes around 3500 BC.
202 Cranny Falls United Kingdom, Northern Ireland Waterfalls 8 One of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in the Northern Ireland.
203 Barclodiad y Gawres United Kingdom, Wales Megaliths, Prehistoric and ancient cemeteries, Petroglyphs and rock art 6 Neolithic cruciform passage grave, unusual from Wales. Contains six stones adorned with prehistoric carvings - spirals, zig zags, chevrons, lozenges.
204 Ecosystem of Henderson Island Pitcairn Islands Ecosystems 6 The only atoll in the world covered with pristine forest. More than 60 species of endemic plants and animals are living on the island.
205 Ghara Soo Falls Iran, Razavi Khorasan Waterfalls 7 Waterfall with 8 cascades, located in spectacular valley between giant sheets of weathered rock.
206 The Fortingall Yew United Kingdom, Scotland Trees 5 Remains of more than 2000 years old yew tree which in the 18th century reached a circumference of 17.2 m.
207 Llangernyw Yew United Kingdom, Wales Trees 6 This yew tree is believed to be the oldest tree in United Kingdom - its age is assessed to be 4,000 - 5,000 years. Circumference of the fragmented tree is 10.75 m.
208 Ashbrittle Yew United Kingdom, England Trees 6 Very old, legendary yew tree, now fragmented in 7 trunks. Girth of all trunks - 11.58 m.
209 Winchester Cathedral United Kingdom, England Churches 4 One of the largest Romanic - Gothic cathedrals in Europe, built in 1079 - 1093, rebuilt in the 13th - 16th century. Structure is 169.5 m long. Contains numerous unique artworks.
210 Ķintu Aka Latvia, Kurzeme Megaliths 6 Unusual megalithic monument - a well made of large stone slabs up to 1 ton heavy. Time of construction and builders are unknown.
211 Crowhurst Yew United Kingdom, England Trees 7 Giant yew tree with circumference 10.05 m. Wooden door leads into the hollow - there is a room suited for 14 - 15 people inside the tree.
212 Tandridge Yew United Kingdom, England Trees 7 Giant yew tree, with a girth 11,09 m. Tree developed as a fusion of many sprouts from the main trunk which fell down many centuries ago.
213 Mainina Ponor Timor-Leste, Lautém Sinkholes 7 In this location Irasiquero River goes underground - every second in this hole disappear 5 - 30 cubic metres of water. Ponor is located in primeval dry tropical forest.
214 Yogoluk Sinkhole Indonesia, Papua Sinkholes 6 Impressive, up to 240 m deep sinkhole.
215 Leang Pute Sinkhole Indonesia, South Sulawesi Sinkholes 6 260 - 270 m deep sinkhole with vertical walls.
216 Cisolok Geysers and Hot Springs Indonesia, West Java Geysers, Springs 5 Group of hot springs, submerged in river. Two hot springs are spouting up like geysers up to 5 m high.
217 Dallol hot springs and geysers Ethiopia, Afar Springs, Geysers, Spring tufa, travertine and other formations, Weather phenomena 2 Extraordinary natural phenomena - hydrothermal area, which has formed in salt deposits. Countless hot springs and geysers of brine and acid, colored in garish white, green, yellow and orange colors. Here is the highest mean annual temperature in the world - 34.4 Celsium degrees.
218 Soborom geothermal field and Yerike hot spring Chad, Tibesti Springs, Geysers 6 The largest and most interesting geothermal fetures of Sahara with steam jets, boiling springs, mud pots and stream, solfataras. Used for healing purposes by local people.
219 Allalobed geysers and hot springs Ethiopia, Afar Springs, Geysers 5 Group of beautiful hot springs and up to 6 m high, very active geyser.
220 Geyser of Edo Laki Island, Langano Lake Ethiopia, Oromiya Springs, Geysers 8 After an earthquake in 1906 on Edo Laki Island formed an 25 - 30 m tall geyser, which gradually faded out, disappearing around 1966. Now here is located hot spring.
221 Lake Abaya Hot Springs (Chokore Hot Springs) Ethiopia, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region Springs, Geysers 8 Group of very hot springs. In the recent past here were active geysers, up to 1.8 m high.
222 Buranga Hot Springs Uganda, Western Region Springs, Geysers 5 Powerful hot springs in the only lowland tropical rainforest of Eastern Africa. Mumbuga spring is forming a 0.5 m high fountain. Springs receive geotheremal energy from the deep faults of East African Rift System.
223 Logipi Geyser Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 7 Group of hot boiling springs at the base of volcano. Earlier, in 1930s here was active geyser, erupting on regular basis up to 1.2 m height.
224 North Island Geyser, Lake Turkana Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 8 Hot springs in the volcanic crater - island. Geyser reported here in 2004, not observed anymore.
225 Soro Hot Springs, Ol Kokwe Island Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 7 Group of boiling hot springs, mud pools and fumaroles. In 1902 here were reported geysers, which are not observed anymore today.
226 Losaramat Hot Springs and Geysers Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 6 Group of hot springs, includes 3 geysers up to 0.7 m high.
227 Koibobei Hot Springs and Geysers Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 5 Group of hot springs, includes three geysers. The largest - Kobobei Geyser is up to 4.6 m high.
228 Chemurkeu Hot Springs, Lake Bogoria Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 6 Group of 40 hot springs with 4 geysers up to 1.2 m high.
229 Loburu Geysers and Hot Springs, Lake Bogoria Kenya, Rift Valley Province Springs, Geysers 3 Large group of some 60 hot springs. In the southern part are located six geysers, where one of the geysers is up to 5 m high.
230 Analavory Geysers Madagascar, Itasy Region Springs, Spring tufa, travertine and other formations 6 Four - five geyser like springs, erupting up to 3 m high due to high content of carbon dioxide. Springs have created more than 4 m high mounds with yellow - rusty orange color.
231 Kalambo Falls Zambia, Northern Province Waterfalls, Ancient human finds, Prehistoric settlements 3 221 - 235 m tall falls with single plunge. Near the falls are remnants of settlements where people have been living for approximately 250,000 years.
232 Haukadalur geothermal area Iceland, Suðurland Springs, Geysers 1 Geothermal area with more than 40 features - geysers, hot springs, mud pools, fumaroles. Geysir and Strokkur from this area belong to most impressive geysers in the world.
233 Geysir Iceland, Suðurland Springs, Geysers 4 Geysir is known since the 18th century at least and has given name to geysers in whole world. In several time periods it has been erupting up to 100 m high, but currently is less active.
234 Strokkur Iceland, Suðurland Springs, Geysers 3 One of most spectacular geysers in the world, throwing water every few minutes up to 40 m high.
235 Óþerrishola (Otherrishola) Iceland, Suðurland Springs, Geysers 6 Small geyser in Haukadalur geothermal field. Erupts only at low atmospheric pressure - before the rain.
236 Cherokee Sink United States, Florida Sinkholes, Lakes 8 33.4 m deep sinkhole with 24.4 m deep lake in it. Once beloved swimming place, now littered and getting cleaned.
237 Wakulla Spring United States, Florida Springs, Fossil finds 4 Powerful spring with the average discharge of 11,000 l/s. Rich finds of extinct Pleistocene mammals - mastodons, mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and others. One of entrances in more than 50 km long underwater cave system.
238 Sally Ward Spring United States, Florida Springs, Caves 6 Spring of the 3rd magnitude, discharging 125 l/s. Through the spring can be entered underwater cave with grandiose halls. Length of explored cave passages - 529 m.
239 Wakulla - Leon Sinks cave system United States, Florida Caves 3 The longest explored underwater cave in United States, 51,483 m long and up to 106.7 m deep.
240 Indian Spring, Wakulla United States, Florida Springs, Caves 7 Comparatively weak spring discharging 17 l/s. Diving in this spring though leads into 3,626 m long cave with strong current, which is bypassing the spring.
241 St. Marks River Rise United States, Florida Springs, Caves 7 A rise of St. Marks River after 1.1 km long flow under the ground. Average discharge through this rise is 14,700 l/s. Total length of exploored cave passages before the rise - 3 kilometres.
242 Jinbar Falls (Jin Bahir Falls) Ethiopia, Amhara Waterfalls 3 More than 500 m tall waterfall, falling nearly vertically into Geech Abyss.
243 Pierre Saint-Martin Cave France, Aquitaine Caves 2 One of the major caves on Earth, 80,200 m long and up to 1,408 m deep. Contains some of the largest cave rooms in the world.
244 St. Etienne Cathedral, Meaux France, Île-de-France Churches 5 Unfinished Gothic cathedral with harmonious architecture. Built over an extended period of time from the 12th to 16th century.
245 Gunnuhver geothermal area Iceland, Suðurnes Springs, Geysers, Sites of legends 7 A geothermal field with mud pools and fumaroles. In the past here existed also some geysers. Legend about ghost, which was dragged in the fumarole.
246 Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow Russia, Moscow Churches 1 Unique structure - a group of nine churches built in 1555 - 1561 to commemorate the victories of Ivan the Terrible. This building has left much influence on Russian architecture.
247 Sautadet Falls France, Languedoc-Roussillon Waterfalls 7 470 m long section of waterfalls, rapids, hollows and cliff blades, formed by Cèze river on a limestone massif.
248 Khoun Xe Cave (Xe Ban Fai Cave) Laos, Khammouane Caves 2 One of the most impressive caves in the world. This 13,6 km long cave is traversed by the largest cave river in the world, here are located the largest rimstone pools in the world and here live the largest spiders in the world.
249 Grande Cascade de Gavarnie (Gavarnie Falls) France, Midi-Pyrénées Waterfalls 3 The tallest waterfall in France, 422 m tall. Located in dramatic landscape, one of the most picturesque natural landmarks in Europe.
250 Monturaqui Crater Chile, Antofagasta Impact craters 5 One of the most impressive impact craters in South America, created by meteorite some 660,000 years ago. 350 - 370 m wide, up to 34 m deep.
251 Fontaine-de-Vaucluse (Vaucluse Spring) France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Springs, Caves, Ancient shrines, Sites of legends 2 One of the most powerful springs in the world and the most powerful in France, with the average discharge of 20,000 l/s. Shaft of the spring is 308 m deep.
252 Masroor Rock Cut Temples (Masrur Temples) India, Himachal Pradesh Hindu shrines, Rock cut architecture 4 Group of 15 ornate temples hewn from live stone in the second half of the 8th century. Temples are formed like steep-sided pyramids. Unique monument of architecture, possibly the earliest example of Nagara architecture style.
253 Pancha Rathas, Mahabalipuram India, Tamil Nadu Hindu shrines, Rock cut architecture 2 Rare example of rock cut monolithic buildings. This group of five ornate shrines and three sculptures of animals was created in the late 7th century AD.
254 Trou de Bone New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands Sinkholes, Lakes 7 40 m deep sinkhole in Maré Island, New Caledonia. At the bottom if this sinkhole is a lake.
255 Le Bone de Léproserie New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands Sinkholes, Lakes 6 Approximately 90 m deep sinkhole in Maré Island, New Caledonia, which contains 40 m deep lake.
256 Savusavu Hot springs Fiji, Northern Geysers, Springs 6 A large group of boiling springs, which in the late 19th century turned into 12 - 18 m tall geysers. Endemic species of microorganisms.
257 Latte Stone Park, Guam Guam Megaliths 6 A collection of eight latte stones - unique Mariana megaliths, made by Chamorro people some 1000 years ago. These stones have been relocated from a site of military base.
258 Rota Latte Stones Quarry (As Nieves Quarry) Northern Mariana Islands, Rota Megaliths 5 Site with the largest megaliths in Mariana Islands - a quarry with unfinished stone blocks. The stones are up to 7.6 m long and 34 tons heavy.
259 Moqua Caves and Moqua Well Nauru Caves, Lakes 8 The best known cave in Nauru, contains a small freshwater lake - important source of water.
260 Arorae navigational stones - Te Atibu-ni-Borau Kiribati, Gilbert Islands Megaliths 6 An ancient navigational aid - a group of flat, standing, up to 1.5 m tall stone sheets, pointing towards 88 - 150 km distant islands.
261 Rai of Yap - the stone money Federated States of Micronesia, Yap Megaliths 2 A rare fusion of megalithic culture and modern finance management. There are several thousands of stone discs all over the Yap, the largest have diameter of 3.6 m and weigh several tons.
262 Basilica of St. Peter Channel in Poi Wallis and Futuna Churches 7 Impressive pilgrimage church, built in 1986. Devoted to the only Catholic saint in Polynesia - Pierre Chanel.
263 Ha´amonga ´a Maui (Trilithon) and ´esi Maka Fa´akinanga Tonga, Tongatapu Megaliths, Monuments 3 Unique megalithic structure - a trilithon of three coral slabs, which rise up to 5.2 m above the ground. Built in the early 13th century to secure the unity of the royal dynasty of Tonga.
264 Nanumanga Fire Caves Tuvalu Caves 6 A submarine cave with marks of fire on the ceiling and walls. Cave is located 37 - 46 m below the sea level - thus it could be above the dry land only 8000 years ago, although it is considered that first people came to Polynesia 3000 years ago.
265 Sinaloa Waterfall Samoa Waterfall 5 Tallest waterfall in Samoa - 180 - 250 m tall falls in the largest rainforest of Polynesia.
266 Vailulu'u Eel City and Moat of Death American Samoa Ecosystem, Volcano 5 A unique habitat - hydrothermal vents of submarine volcano inhabited by very large number of synapobranchid eels Dysommina rugosa. Base of volcano contains a dead zone due to toxic water.
267 Niau tropical forest - feo French Polynesia, Tuamotu and Gambier islands Ecosystem 7 A remnant of Tuamotu tropical moist forest on a small atoll. On the island are endemic species of plants, this is also the only place where lives Tuamotu kingfisher.
268 Marae Arahurahu French Polynesia, Windward Islands Ancient shrine, Megalith, Site of legends 6 The largest marae in Tahiti, restored in 1953 and serving as a centre of Polynesian performing arts.
269 Morongo Uta French Polynesia, Austral Islands Fortification, City walls, Prehistoric fortifications, Prehistoric settlement 6 The oldest of 14 hilltop fortifications on the small and remote Rapa Iti island, built sometimes around 1450 - 1550 AD. Such amount of fortifications on a small island is unique in Pacific.
270 Vaipo Falls French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands Waterfall 4 Approximately 350 m tall waterfall, which has formed the magnificent Vaipo Canyon. The tallest Polynesian waterfall outside Hawaii and New Zealand.
271 Me'ae Iipona French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands Ancient shrine, Megalith, Petroglyphs, Site of legends 3 One of the most impressive ancient shrines in Pacific. This enormous meae contains 18 stone sculptures, including the 2.43 m tall Tiki Takaii and the mysterious Makii Taua Pepe.
272 Marae Fare Opu French Polynesia, Leeward Islands Ancient shrine, Megalith, Petroglyphs 7 Once important Polynesian marae, built in the 15th - 16th century as a royal ceremonial structure. Contains two stones with petroglyphs. Partly destroyed.
273 Grand Bois, Amsterdam Island Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands Ecosystems 7 Remnant of unique Sub-Antarctic forest with an area of 8 ha, consists of Phylica arborea trees.
274 La Grande Cascade de la rivière du Château Kerguelen Islands Waterfalls 7 Magnificent, approximately 150 m tall waterfall with three major cascades.
275 Grytviken Church (Whalers Church) South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Churches 7 The oldest church in the Antarctic region, built from wood in Neo-Gothic style in 1913.
276 Christ Church Cathedral, Stanley Falkland Islands Churches 8 Southernmost Anglican cathedral, built in Neo-Gothic style in 1892.
277 Ventisquero Colgante Falls Chile, Aisén Waterfalls 2 Unusual, more than 350 m tall and powerful group of waterfalls, starting from the base of glacier.
278 Laja Falls Chile, Biobío Waterfalls 5 Four horseshoe formed waterfalls on Laja River. The highest fall is 35 m tall, total width of all falls - approximately 455 m.
279 Alerce Milenario in Monumento Alerce Costero Chile, Los Rios Trees 6 The largest known alerce tree (Fitzroya cupressoides) with trunk circumference 11.4 m, over 60 m tall.
280 Forest on Robinson Crusoe Island Chile, Valparaíso, Juan Fernández archipelago Ecosystems 2 Unique forest where all the species of trees are endemic - not met anywhere else in the world. 132 endemic species of plants and several hundred species of endemic insects. Area of very high scientific importance.
281 Dendroseris neriifolia - one of the rarest trees in the world Chile, Valparaíso, Juan Fernández archipelago Trees 7 Only two trees of this species remain in the nature. Both trees are located in a deep ravine in Robinson Crusoe Island.
282 The Marble Caves (Cavernas de Mármol) Chile, Aisén Caves, Natural arches 4 A group of visually very impressive caverns, columns and tunnels formed by the coastal erosion in a giant monolith of marble. Additional effect comes from the unusual blue color of the lake.
283 Milodon Cave (Cueva del Milodón) Chile, Magallanes Caves, Fossil finds, Ancient human finds 5 200 m long, vast cave. In the cave were found well preserved remnants of extinct South American mammals - contemporaries of the first people. The best known is the find of fossils of the giant ground sloth.
284 Iguazu Falls Argentina, Misiones and Brazil, Paraná Waterfalls 1 One of the most impressive natural landmarks in world - up to 82 m tall and 2,682 m wide waterfall, surrounded by lusch subtropical jungle. Possibly the most magnificent waterfall of the world.
285 Valparaíso historic centre Chile, Valparaíso Cities and towns 4 Once influential metropolis, developed mostly on steep hillsides. Flourished in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Valparaíso has unique urban fabric and had up to 26 operating funiculars.
286 Ostuni - the White City Italy, Apulia Cities and towns, Ancient cities and towns 4 Medieval hilltop city consisting of bright white, closely located buildings. Ostuni was founded in the 7th century BC by Messapi people and has been continuously inhabited since then.
287 Persepolis Iran, Fars Ancient cities and towns, Abandoned cities and towns 1 Outstanding monument of urban planning and architecture - the ceremonial capital of Achaemenid Empire in 521 - 330 BC. Devastated by Alexander the Great, contains ruins of numerous magnificent structures and many stone carvings.
288 Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Philippines, Palawan Caves, Ecosystems, Lakes and streams 2 Enormous cave system with the largest subterranean estuary in the world. This more than 24 km long cave system contains 8.4 km long underground river which ends directly in the sea. Tidal wave travels 6 km deep in the cave.
289 Moconá Falls (Yucumã Falls) Argentina, Misiones and Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul Waterfalls 3 Unique waterfall, located longitudinally to the Uruguay River. Width of falls - 1,800 - 2,700 m, height of vertical fall - up to 12 m. Visible only at low water.
290 Pozo de las Animas - Well of Souls Argentina, Mendoza Sinkholes, Lakes 6 Two closely located sinkholes with lakes at their bottoms. The largest is 101 m deep. Wind creates an eerie, howling sound here and the place is considered to be enchanted.
291 Monday Falls (Saltos del Monday) Paraguay, Alto Paraná Waterfalls 4 Approximately 45 m tall and 120 m wide falls in the outskirts of Ciudad del Este city.
292 Nacunday Falls (Salto Ñacunday) Paraguay, Alto Paraná Waterfalls 4 Approximately 40 m tall and 110 m wide waterfall with a single, vertical step.
293 Colonia del Sacramento Old Town Uruguay, Colonia Cities and towns 5 Oldest city in Uruguay, established by Portuguese in 1680 to secure their geopolitical interests in this part of world. Very well preserved historical centre, unique in this region.
294 Arcoiris Falls Bolivia, Santa Cruz Waterfalls 4 88 m high and roughly 50 m wide falls on the rim of enormous, remote and exotic tableland.
295 Frederico Ahlfeld Falls Bolivia, Santa Cruz Waterfalls 5 25 - 45 m high waterfall on Paucerna River in the exotic Caparu tableland.
296 Cola de Caballo Falls Bolivia, Santa Cruz Waterfalls 6 More than 90 m tall waterfall on a tributary of Paucerna River in the exotic Caparu tableland.
297 Yumbilla Falls Peru, Amazonas Waterfalls 3 895.5 m tall waterfall, the fifth tallest in the world. 4 - 5 cascades, the amount ot water is low.
298 Aramu Muru - the mystical portal Peru, Puno Rock cut architecture, Sites of legends, Ghost sites 5 An unfinished rock cut portal near Lake Titicaca. A site of numerous traditional and modern legends about a portal to another world.
299 Páramo El Ángel - eerie land of frailejones Ecuador, Carchi Ecosystems 4 Visually astounding ecosystem - alpine moorland (some 10,000 ha) with a forest of the rare frailejones - Espeletia pycnophylla ssp. angelensis.
300 Iracoubou St. Joseph Church French Guiana, Cayenne Churches 7 The interior of this church (built in 1893) is a masterpiece of naïve art. Frescoes were painted by a prisoner - burglar.


Indonesia: Cisolok Geysers and Hot Springs

Cisolok Geyser, Indonesia
Cisolok Geyser / Wikimedia Commons, Tropenmuseum of The Royal Tropical institute, taken in 1949. CC BY-SA 3.0

The best known geysers of Indonesia are found among Cisolok Hot Springs. Here are located three - four geysers, spouting hot water up to 5 m high.

Surrey: Crowhurst Yew

Crowhurst Yew, Surrey
Trunk of Crowhurst Yew with door leading into the hollow / Donald Macauley, , CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the most impressive trees in England is Crowhurst Yew. This giant yew tree is "adorned" with somewhat mysterious entrance door into the trunk.

Uganda: Buranga Hot Springs

Mumbuga erupting spring, Uganda
Mumbuga erupting spring, Sempaya Hot Springs / sarahemcc, , CC BY 2.0

Some of the most amazing hot springs in East Africa are Buranga Hot Springs. Currently here are flowing 37 springs which receive the geothermal heat from the deep faults of East African Rift System. One of the springs - Mumbuga spring - is a perpetual spouter - a permanent small fountain.

Madagascar: Analavory Geysers

Analavory Geyser
One of Analavory geysers / Rakotozafy Harison Sangitiana, / CC BY-SA 2.0

It is weird to see how many tourist Websites and guides are wrong about Analavory Geysers. When describing this interesting landmark, they start telling about the volcanic activity and how the water contacts superheated volcanic rocks and boils up and then rises upwards as a steam, forming the geyser.

In fact Analavory Geysers are man-made and are not true geysers.

Florida: Wakulla Spring

Wakulla River
Wakulla River / Paul Clark, / CC BY 2.0

Wakulla Spring is one of the largest springs worldwide and it is also a part of one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world.

Ethiopia: Jinbar Falls

Jinbar Falls
Jinbar Falls / Damien Halleux Radermecker, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

One of the tallest waterfalls in Africa is the little known Jinbar Waterfall, which is more than 500 m high.

France: Grande Cascade de Gavarnie (Gavarnie Falls)

Cirque de Gavarnie with waterfall
Cirque de Gavarnie with waterfall / Mathieu Legros, Flickr. CC BY 2.0

The tallest waterfall in France is Grande Cascade de Gavarnie – Gavarnie Falls. This 422 m tall waterfall forms a magnificent backdrop of Cirque de Gavarnie – the most dramatic landscape in Pyrenees.

India: Pancha Rathas, Mahabalipuram

Pancha Rathas in Mahabalipuram, overview from the north
Pancha Rathas in Mahabalipuram, overview from the north / Liji Jinaraj, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Pancha Rathas are some of the most surprising structures not only in Mahabalipuram but in the whole Southern India. This group of ornate, monolithic structures was cut from a single stone in the late 7th century.

Tonga: Ha'amonga 'a Maui (Trilithon) and 'esi Maka Fa'akinanga

Ha'amonga 'a Maui
Ha'amonga 'a Maui. 'Esi Maka Fa'akinanga seen in the background, to the left / Sarah Kelemen, Flickr. CC BY 2.0

One of the most unusual megalithic monuments in Pacific is Ha'amonga 'a Maui in Tonga. It has no analogues regarding its construction, shape and the enormous size of stones.

Most likely this giant structure was created some 800 years ago as a monument of the inseparable royal dynasty of Tonga. There are not many countries in the world with such centuries old monument for their unity.

Marquesas Islands: Vaipo Falls

Vaipo Falls, Nuku Hiva
Vaipo Falls, Nuku Hiva / Yves Picq, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most dramatic and impressive natural monuments in Polynesia is Vaipo Cascade - Vaipo Falls. The beauty of these magnificent, aome 350 m tall falls is enhanced by the rare, amazing landscape of Vaipo Canyon.

Chile: The Marble Caves (Cavernas de Mármol)

Marble Caves - Cavernas de Mármol, Chile
Marble Caves - Cavernas de Mármol / Daniel Peppes Gauer, / CC BY 2.0

The Marble Caves is geological formation of unusual beauty. These caves have formed in a pure marble and are bathed in the deep blue water of General Carrera Lake.

Italy: Ostuni - the White City

Medieval centre of Ostuni
Medieval centre of Ostuni / Jelly, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

When approaching from the Adriatic Sea, Ostuni looks like a mountain of white houses rising from the green olive plantations. This ancient town is more than 2500 years old.

Paraguay: Nacunday Falls (Salto Ñacunday)

Ñacunday Falls, Paraguay
Nacunday Falls, Paraguay / Hugo Diaz Lavigne, Wikimedia Commons / public domain

Paraguay has its own "Niagara Falls" - the beautiful Nacunday Falls.

The 35 - 40 m tall and 110 m wide Nacunday Falls are located just 900 m from the mighty Paraná River.

Ecuador: Páramo El Ángel

Espeletia pycnophylla in Páramo El Ángel, Ecuador
Frailejones - Espeletia pycnophylla and fog, Páramo El Ángel / Thomas van Hengstum, / CC BY-SA 3.0

In the highlands of tropics in several locations of the world have formed unique montane moors with eerie, tall plants.

Páramo El Ángel in Ecuador is characteristic example of such ecosystems - here thousands of frailejones are rising up to 10 m tall.