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NoNameCountry, regionCategoryRankDescription
501 Hvalsey Fjord Church Greenland, Kujalleq Churches 3 Best preserved Norse church in Greenland and America, built around 1300 AD. Some granite blocks of this church are more than 5 tons heavy.
502 Kefrida Falls Algeria, Béjaïa Waterfalls 4 Lower of the three falls, 44 m tall waterfall which ends in a small lake. Beloved tourist attraction.
503 Syri i Kalter (Blue Eye) Albania, Vlorë Springs, Caves 3 The most powerful spring in Albania, discharging from a deep blue pool which is more than 50 m deep. Average discharge - 6 000 l/s.
504 NW Eifuku Champagne Vent Northern Mariana Islands, Northern Islands Geothermal fields, Fumaroles, Springs 5 A submarine vent which emits almost pure liquid carbon dioxide at 1,600 m depth. Such phenomenon is known in three places on Earth and at Eifuku it is most abundant.
505 Tugela Falls South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Waterfalls 2 The second tallest waterfall in the world. Total height of falls is 948 metres and the largest single drop is 411 metres tall.
506 Wadi El Rayan Falls Egypt, Faiyum Waterfalls 5 Largest waterfall in Egypt, a group of 10 m tall cascades on a 6 - 10 m wide river. Waterfall and its stream are manmade.
507 Kaive Oak Latvia, Kurzeme Trees 5 Tree with the largest girth in Latvia - at 1.3 m height this oak (Quercus robur) has a circumference of 10.4 m.
508 Caverne Patate Mauritius, Rodrigues Caves, Fossil finds, Hidden treasure 4 The longest cave in Mauritius, 1 140 m long. In the cave have been found remnants of recently extinct animals.
509 Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley United States, California Waterfalls 3 Seasonal waterfall, some 630 m tall, the tallest drop - 480 m. In February each year, if weather allows, the fall is illuminated by the sunset, creating an eerie illusion of falling fire.
510 Yasuni Forest Ecuador, Orellana and Pastaza Ecosystems 2 Most likely this is the most biodiverse place in the world with unsurpassed number of tree, reptile, freshwater fish, insect species. In this rainforest live also uncontacted people.
511 Mount Bosavi Crater Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlands Ecosystems, Volcanoes 4 Forested volcano which is isolated from other highlands of Papua New Guinea. Here in the montane forests live numerous species of plants and animals which are not met anywhere else in the world, including a giant rat and fish which emits grunting noise.
512 Bisi Falls (Wasi falls) Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlands Waterfalls, Springs 3 Very impressive, some 100 m tall and 90 m wide waterfall with huge amount of water. Next to it are numerous spring waterfalls which form some 200 m wide weil of falling water.
513 Palm Valley, Northern Territory Australia, Northern Territory Ecosystems 3 Valley in the central deserts of Australia with permanent springs. Here grows a rare palm Livistona mariae - the only place where palms grow in the central part of Australia. This palm most likely was brought by people some 15 - 30 thousand years ago.
514 Sima Aonda Venezuela, Bolívar Sinkholes 2 383 m deep sinkhole, the deepest in Venezuela. This giant sinkhole has formed in siliceous rocks and is traversed by a river, which soon after the sinkhole emerges in the vertical wall of Auyan Tepui, forming a 100 m tall waterfall.
515 Blakitnaja Krynica (Blue Well) Belarus, Magileu Region Springs, Prehistoric and ancient shrines 5 The most powerful spring in Belarus with an output of 60 litres per second. Ancient shrine.
516 Abismo Guy Collet Brazil, Amazonas Caves 4 World's deepest cave in quartzites, 671 m deep. Located on Serra do Aracá - impressive tableland which rises tall above the Amazonian rainforest.
517 Eldorado Falls Brazil, Amazonas Waterfalls 3 Tallest waterfall in Brazil, 353 m tall, with a single, almost vertical plunge.
518 Desabamento Falls Brazil, Amazonas Waterfalls 5 Very tall waterfall in Brazil, falling with a single, approximately 200 m tall leap over the rim of Serra do Aracá. Below the falls has formed a large, steep slide in bright orange-brown color - possible sinter formation.
519 Gouina Falls Mali, Kayes Waterfalls 4 Impressive waterfall - approximately 500 m wide and 16 m high. Sometimes it is called - Niagara of Mali.
520 Rabbitkettle Tufa Mounds Canada, Northwest Territories Spring tufa, travertine and other formations, Thermal springs 3 The most impressive travertine terraces in Canada - two large tufa mounds with hundreds of rimstone pools formed by thermal (20 - 21° C) springs.
521 Hammam Meskhoutine (Hammam Meskoutine) springs Algeria, Guelma Spring tufa, travertine and other formations, Thermal springs 3 Large travertine mound created by very hot, powerful springs. Mound is approximately 30 m tall, with rimstones. Site of legends.
522 Gocta Falls Peru, Amazonas Waterfalls 2 771 m tall waterfall, one of the tallest and most impressive ones in the world. Waterfall has two main drops, the tallest one is 540 m tall.
523 Onneto Hot Falls and springs (Yuno-taki waterfall) Japan, Hokkaidō Mineral springs, Thermal springs, Waterfalls, Ecosystems 4 Unique springs with some 30 m tall, 47 degrees hot waterfall. Here is ongoing the formation of manganese mine and the site serves as a unique natural laboratory for the exploration of this process.
524 Gdańsk St. Mary's Church Poland, Pomerania Churches 3 Third largest brick church in the world and the largest Lutheran church in the world in the 16th - early 20th century. Built in Gothic style in 1379 - 1502.
525 Daallo Frankincense Forest Somalia, Sanaag Ecosystems 5 Unique forest in the rainiest place of Somalia. Here grow pure stands of the legendary Coptic Frankincense trees, the forest is fragrant.
526 Monemvasia Greece, Peloponnese Cities and towns, City walls 4 Medieval fortification - walled town on island, founded in 582 - 583 AD. One of the last standing Byzantian and Venetian fortresses, a living museum with more than 40 old churches and numerous old residential buildings.
527 St. Peter's Basilica Vatican Churches 1 One of the most important structures in the world: giant church which was constructed in 1506 - 1626 and represents an outstanding monument of Renaissance art and architecture. Devoted to Saint Peter - the founder of Christian church who, according to legends, is buried under the basilica.
528 San Marino Basilica San Marino Churches 6 The main church in San Marino, holding the relics of Saint Marinus - founder of the state. Fine example of Neo-Classical architecture, built in 1838.
529 Echternach Basilica Luxembourg, Grevenmacher Churches 5 Church at the oldest Anglo-Saxon monastery in continental Europe which was founded in 700 AD. The first church was built here before 700 AD, it has been rebuilt several times, last time in 1953 in Romanesque style.
530 Tournai Cathedral Belgium, Hainaut Churches 2 The largest church in Belgium, outstanding monument of architecture, built in 1110 - 1255. One of the greatest achievements of Romanesque architecture and inspiration for the Gothic style.
531 Church of St. Anne in Vilnius Lithuania, Vilnius Churches 3 Small un almost unique church in Flamboyant Gothic style, built in 1495 - 1500. It has been built from brick, forming intricate and beautiful facade from this material.
532 Rhine Falls Switzerland, Schaffhausen and Zürich Waterfalls 2 Second most powerful waterfall in the mainland of Europe, 150 m wide and 23 m high.
533 Saharna Falls (Gipsy Hole) Moldova, Rezina Waterfalls 6 Approximately 5 - 8 m tall waterfall in ravine, with large plunge pool under it.
534 Eisriesenwelt Austria, Salzburg Caves 2 World's largest ice cave. Total length of cave exceeds 42 km. First kilometre of the cave is lined with beautiful ice formations.
535 Prohodna Bulgaria, Lovech Caves 3 Giant tunnel - cave, which is 262 m long and has up to 45 m tall entrance. Cave has a striking feature - two giant openings in the ceiling which are shaped like eyes and named - Eyes of God.
536 St. Vitus Cathedral Czech Republic, Prague Churches 2 Largest church in Czech Republic, outstanding Gothic cathedral which influenced Late Gothic style around Europe.
537 Voroneţ Monastery and Saint George Church Romania, Suceava Christian monasteries, Churches 2 Possibly the best known Moldavian painted monastery with an ornate church which is covered with frescoes inside and outside. Monastery was constructed in 1488 in local style - unique fusion of Gothic, Renaissance and Byzantines styles.
538 Ochtinská Aragonite Cave Slovakia, Košice Caves 3 The best known aragonite cave which is covered with very unusual crystals. Cave is only 300 m long.
539 Tallest yellow meranti tree, Maliau Basin Malaysia, Sabah Trees 3 89.5 m tall yellow meranti (Shorea faguetiana) - one of the tallest trees in the world.
540 Gorno Nerezi St. Panteleimon church and monastery Macedonia, Skopje Churches, Christian monasteries 4 This Byzantine church and monastery around it were built in 1164. Interior of the church is adorned with beautiful frescoes - splendid example of late Byzantine art which in many aspects precedes the Italian Renaissance.
541 Szepvolgyi System (Pál-völgy Cave) Hungary, Budapest Caves 4 Longest cave system in Hungary - 30.1 km long cave system only some 3 - 4 km from the centre of Budapest.
542 Mileševa Monastery Serbia, Zlatibor Christian monasteries 3 Medieval monastery of Serbian Orthodox church, important centre of knowledge. In the church is one of the most famous frescoes in Serbia - White Angel.
543 Pliva Waterfall Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central Bosnia Waterfalls 3 Large and picturesque, 22 m tall and some 50 m wide waterfall in the centre of Jajce city. Waterfall has formed on travertine and has been reinforced by concrete.
544 Hiilawe Waterfall United States, Hawaii Waterfalls 3 Powerful 442 m high waterfall in the legendary Waipio Valley. One of the most impressive waterfalls in Hawaii.
545 Wall of Tears, Maui United States, Hawaii Waterfalls 2 Group of waterfalls which slide down along a steep side of impressive, green canyon. Height of falls reaches up to 488 m.
546 Waihilau Falls United States, Hawaii Waterfalls 2 Very tall waterfall which consists of four parallel threads of water sliding down along very steep cliff. Waterfall is roughly 792 m tall.
547 Waipoo Falls United States, Hawaii Waterfalls 3 Magnificent 244 m tall waterfall in the Grand Canyon of Hawaii - Waimea Canyon.
548 Wailua Falls United States, Hawaii Waterfalls 4 Beautiful double-tiered waterfall, some 26 m tall.
549 Coober Pedy Australia, South Australia Cities and towns, Rock cut architecture 4 Opal mining city which was established circa 1916 - 1917. Due to the extreme heat major part of the buildings are built underground and most people here live below the ground.
550 Sveti Stefan Montenegro, Budva Cities and towns, City walls 4 Fortified Venetian trade port - town which covers small island in Adriatic. This 15th century town has been turned into resort.
551 Hranice Abyss (Hranicka Propast) Czech Republic, Olomouc Caves, Sinkholes, Lakes, Geographical extremes 3 Cave with the world's deepest known cave lake. Lake is more than 404 m deep, total known depth of the cave is 473.5 m.
552 Visoki Dečani Monastery Kosovo, Gjakova Christian monasteries 3 Important Serbian Orthodox monastery which was built in 1327 - 1335 in Serbian Byzantine style. Interior of the church is adorned with the largest gallery of Serbian medieval art - murals with thousands of compositions.
553 Hisarya walled Roman town Bulgaria, Plovdiv Ancient cities and towns, City walls 4 Well preserved remnants of once important Roman resort with very impressive, up to 13 m tall city walls. City developed since the prehistoric times around thermal springs.
554 Cave of the Crystals, Naica Mexico, Chihuahua Caves, Geographical extremes 1 Small cave with giant, up to 12 m long gypsum crystals, some of the largest crystals in the world.
555 Huanglong Valley China, Sichuan Spring tufa, travertine and other formations, Thermal springs 1 Most impressive travertine terraces in the world - 3.6 km long system of diverse travertine formations in beautiful colors.
556 Dragon Hole South China Sea, Paracel Islands Sinkholes 3 The deepest underwater sinkhole in the world, 300.89 m deep.
557 Tallest Giant Sequoia in Converse Basin United States, California Trees 7 The tallest known giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), 95.8 m tall.
558 Tallest Shorea tree, Danum Valley Malaysia, Sabah Trees 3 94.1 m tall Shorea sp. - one of the tallest trees in the world.
559 Virginia Falls Canada, Northwest Territories Waterfalls 2 One of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, 90 m tall and up to 259 m wide.
560 St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall United Kingdom, Scotland Churches 4 Northernmost cathedral in British Isles, magnificent example of Norman architecture. Construction started in 1137.
561 Kawah Ijen Indonesia, East Java Volcanoes, Lakes 3 Volcanic crater which contains world's largest lake of acid and rich find of sulphur. In the night the sulphurous gases burn with impressive blue flames.
562 Multnomah Falls United States, Oregon Waterfalls 3 The tallest waterfall in Oregon - gorgeous, 194 m tall waterfall with several drops.
563 Giant Forest, California United States, California Ecosystems 1 The best known grove of giant sequoias. In this forest are located five of the ten largest (by volume) trees on the planet.
564 Lake Bonney, Antarctica Antarctica Lakes, Ecosystems, Rare materials 4 Saline lake which is permanently covered with ice. East lobe of this lake is oversaturated with nitrous oxide - "laughing gas" and dimethylsulfoxide. Another part of lake contains huge amount of dimethylsulfide - possibly produced by microorganisms.
565 Usterling Growing Rock (Johannisfelsen) Germany, Bavaria Spring tufa, travertine and other formations, Springs 4 Almost unique natural landmark - a naturally formed tufa wall with a stream flowing along its upper rim - tufa runnel or fissure ridge. This wall is 37 m long and up to 5.4 m tall.
566 Daikoku Sulfur Cauldron Northern Mariana Islands, Northern Island Municipality Volcanoes, Lakes, Geothermal fields, Ecosystems, Animal colonies 3 One of the few lakes of liquid sulfur discovered on Earth. Lake is covered with black crust and contains pure sulfur at the temperature of 187° C.
567 Oklo Mines Gabon, Haut-Ogooué Rare natural materials 4 The only known place on Earth where natural nuclear reactor formed. It was active approximately 1.7 billion years ago and produced at lest 15,000 MW of energy per year.
568 Ikaite tufa columns in Ikka Fjord Greenland, Sermersooq Rare natural materials, Rock spires, Submarine springs 4 Almost unique natural landmark: up to 18 m tall submarine tufa columns which are formed from ikaite - mineral which disintegrates if water is not cold.
569 Patomskiy Crater Russia, Irkustk Oblast Volcanoes 3 Unusual crater - 40 m tall and 160 m wide mound/ring of limestone blocks with a smaller mound inside. Most likely it was created by gaseous eruption some centuries ago, although it has not been proved yet.
570 Ol Doinyo Lengai Tanzania, Arusha Volcanoes 3 The only known active carbonatite volcano in the world. These unique lavas turn snow white, thus the volcano looks quite unusual.


Latvia: Kaive Oak

Kaive Oak - the largest tree in Latvia
Kaive Oak - the largest tree in Latvia with a girth of 10.4 m / Gatis Pāvils, CC BY-SA 3.0

The largest (thickest) tree in Latvia and Baltic States is Kaive Oak - a beautiful tree which has a circumference of 10.4 m.

United States: Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley

Glow of Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley, California
Glow of Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley / E. Howe, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

Images of Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley create a sensation in social networks almost every year. For a few days in a year in February it shines in the light of the setting Sun and, it seems, it even emits an eerie light!

Australia: Palm Valley, Northern Teritories

Palm Valley, Northern Australia
Palm Valley - the only place in the central deserts of Australia where grow palms./ Cgoodwin, / CC BY-SA 4.0

There are no palms in the extensive deserts of central Australia... except for Palm Valley and some places near it. This small, picturesque valley is a unique oasis with hundreds of animal and plant species and quite a few are found only here - nowhere else in the world.

Venezuela: Sima Aonda

Aonda platform, Venezuela
Overview of Aonda platform / © Google Earth, CNES / Astrium

As if having world's tallest waterfall (see Angel Falls) is not enough, the spectacular Ayan Tepui has many more wonders of nature. Sima Aonda is one of them - a 383 m deep hole near the rim of the giant wall, with a cave stream flowing through it. This is the deepest sinkhole in Venezuela.

Brazil: Eldorado Falls (Aracá Falls)

Eldorado Falls, Brazil
Eldorado Falls / Screenshot from Youtube video Maior Cachoeira do Brasil, Moacir.R.Cruz

Although there are reports about taller waterfalls in Brazil, Eldorado Falls currently are declared to be the tallest ones. These 353 m (at least) tall falls are truly spectacular and are located in spectacular natural setting.

Algeria: Hammam Meskhoutine (Hammam Meskoutine) springs

Travertine formations of Hammam Meskhoutine, Algeria
Travertine formations of Hammam Meskhoutine / The Algerian, / CC BY 2.0

The amazing Hammam Meskhoutine springs are well known since the antiquity. These hot springs have formed numerous amazing travertine formations including approximately 30 m tall mound with beautiful rimstone pools and petrified waterfalls.

Poland: Gdańsk St. Mary's Church

Gdańsk St. Mary's Church, Poland
Gdańsk St. Mary's Church / Łukasz Golowanow, , CC BY 3.0

For several long centuries the largest Lutheran church in the world was Gdańsk St. Mary's Church - an enormous structure built from brick in Gothic style.

Vatican: St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican
St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican / Dennis Jarvis, , CC BY-SA 2.0

Which building is the most important in the world? One of the contenders for this title is Saint Peter's Basilica. This giant church tells tales about the limitless power of the religion and politics and above all - about the immense creativity of humans.

Switzerland: Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls, Switzerland
Rhine Falls / Joggi, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the major rivers of Europe has a waterfall on it - and, of course, this is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. These are the magnificent Rhine Falls in Switzerland - some 23 m tall and 150 m wide.

Czech Republic: St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic
St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague / Marek Bakajsa, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The gorgeous Prague has it all... even one of the greatest Gothic cathedrals in the world! Construction of St. Vitus Cathedral lasted for centuries and, most likely, many generations dreamed to see it completed. We have this privilege now.

Romania: Voroneţ Monastery and Saint George Church

Voroneţ Monastery, Romania
Nun in Voroneţ Monastery / , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Dramatic events and agreement between two outstanding historical personalities led to the construction of one of the most beautiful buildings in this part of Europe - Voroneț Monastery with its gorgeous Saint George Church. Thanks to the frescoes on the outer walls of the church it is nicknamed by some: "Sixtine Chapel of the East".

United States, Hawaii: Hiilawe Falls

Hiilawe Falls in Waipio Valley, Hawaii
Lower part of Hiilawe Falls in Waipio Valley / Paul Hirst, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Hawaii is Hiilawe Waterfall - spectacular 442 m tall waterfall majestically sliding down along the steep cliff.

United States, Hawaii: Waipoo Falls

Waipoo Falls in Kauai, Hawaii
Waipoo Falls in Kauai / Garden State Hiker, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Hawaii Islands have their own Grand Canyon - Waimea Canyon. Contrary to the real Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon is adorned with an enormous waterfall - the 244 m tall Waipoo Falls.

Mexico: Cave of the Crystals, Naica

Cave of the Crystals, Mexico
Cave of the Crystals / Alexander Van Driessche, / free for use

It is possible that entrails of the Earth hide more caves like this - but up to this day Cave of the Crystals is unique. The chamber of this improbable cave is adorned with phantasmagoric crystals of incredible size - it looks like a surreal fantastic movie about other planets but it is real and here - on Earth!

Indonesia: Kawah Ijen

The blue fire of Kawah Ijen, Indonesia
The blue fire of Kawah Ijen / Alfred Chan, Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

One of the most unusual volcanoes on the world is Kawah Ijen. It contains the largest lake of acid in the world but especially impressive are the eerie blue flames around the solfataras in the crater - an unforgettable sight in the night.

Germany: Usterling Growing Rock (Johannisfelsen)

Usterling Growing Rock, Germany
Usterling Growing Rock / Edl, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Sometimes humans can help the nature in creation of its wonders and Usterling Growing Rock in Bavaria is one of such cases. Thanks to centuries long effort there has developed a highly unusual formation - natural, up to 5.4 m tall stone wall with stream flowing along its upper rim