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British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)

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Salomon Islands in Chagos Archipelago
Salomon Islands. Indian Ocean around Chagos Archipelago is very clean / Anne Sheppard, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

These islands (Chagos Islands) are British overseas territory under the jurisdiction of United Kingdom.

Islands have been inhabited for some centuries but the marine life here has been very well preserved, sea water here is impeccably clean. Many endemic species have been found but most of underwater life remains unexplored. Unfortunately the original forest on larger islands has been replaced with coconut plantations, but there have been found endemic species of insects.


  • Boddam Church - Salomon Islands. Ruins of Chagossian church in abandoned plantation village.
  • East Point Chapel - Diego Garcia. First church (first in whole archipelago) was built here in 1895 but was destroyed by a falling tree. Current chapel was built in 1932, now renovated.
  • East Point Master's House - Diego Garcia. Ruins of stately building.

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Map of British Indian Ocean Territory

Featured: Boddam Church

Boddam Church, Chagos Archipelago
Boddam Church in ruins. Dunog / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain

Numerous yachtsmen visit the remote Salomon Islands in the middle of Indian Ocean - and are surprised to find ruins of church in Boddam Island.

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