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Kefrida Falls

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 36.5707 N 5.2896 E
No:502        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Africa, northern Algeria, Béjaïa province, some 4 km to the north from Taskriout
Alternate names:Kefrida's Falls, La cascade de Thamda ou Mazer
Height:44 m (lower falls)
Width:several metres
Kefrida Falls, Algeria
Kefrida Falls / Reda Kerbouche, / CC BY-SA 2.0

These beautiful falls are known since Roman times and hence comes their name. "Kefrida" is transformed version of "aquae frigida" - cold/icy water.

On Kefrida stream have formed three large falls. The upper two are located close together while the third is some 0.5 km below these falls. This lower fall is easily accessible from the road and thus it is the most visited one.

All three falls are sliding down along the cliff, forming picturesque fans of falling water. Below the third fall has formed small lake and visitors gladly take a bath there, often trying to climb on the waterfall and jump in the lake.

Kefrida Falls are belowed place for recreation. Thousands of visitors and locals come here and after a short walk along the shops of souvenirs, drinks and sweets opens a breathtaking view on white waterfall and noisy, merry people, enjoying their time here.


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