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Allalobed geysers and hot springs

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 11.6439 N 41.0135 E
No:219        (list of all attractions)
Category:Springs, Geysers
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Africa, Ethiopia, Afar
Alternate names:Alalobada, Allalobada, Alo Lobed, Dubti Geyser, Tendaho Geyser

Surprisingly little known is the beautiful geothermal area south from Tendaho and Dubti.

This area is named "Allalobad" - "the waters of Allah", but often is named after the nearby villages.

Allolabad is dotted with steam vents and small craters of hot mud and hissing gases, but most beautiful are several pools of hot water. These pools have unusual, deep green, blue and yellow color. They are incredibly deep and are filled with hot, steaming water.

In one pool there is observed nearly constant geyser - Allallobeda Spouter, which often is 6 m tall but in rare cases - even 30 m tall. Surface of the water in this pool is 97°C hot.

There is one more geyser in another spring - it is just 0.3 m tall. Some more springs are pulsating, sometimes boiling more intensely.

Springs are depositing sinter deposits and there are fossilized remnants of plants and insects. Local Afar people are washing their clothes in less hot pools nearby - water has fine abilities to remove stains.

Further to the nort-west there are remnants of an earlier, extinct geothermal field.


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