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North Island Geyser, Lake Turkana

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 4.0562 N 36.0457 E (possible mistake up to 1 km)
No:224        (list of all attractions)
Category:Springs, Geysers
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Africa, Kenya, Rift Valley Province, Lake Turkana, southern part of Northern Island

The North Island of Lake Turkana is deserted summit of dormant volcano. The island consists of several volcanic tuff cones, it is 2 km long, rises up to 220 m high above the lake level.

This island is crossed by a fault line - Turkana Rift - in north-east - south-west direction. In the southern part of the island there are observed hot springs and steam vents, fumaroles and solfataras.

In 2004 here was described also a geyser. Since then there have been no reports about geyser activity here.


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