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Soro Hot Springs, Ol Kokwe Island

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 0.6251 N 36.0835 E (possible mistake up to 900 m)
No:225        (list of all attractions)
Category:Springs, Geysers
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Africa, Kenya, Rift Valley Province, Lake Baringo, north-eastern peninsula of Ol Kokwe Island near Soro
Alternate names:Ol Kokwe Hot Springs

The largest island in Lake Baringo is Ol Kokwe - a summit of extinct volcano.

Last eruption of volcano took place here in the last thousand years times. Volcanic heat still is felt here - there still are several geothermal areas. Especially active springs are located in the northeastern peninsula of the island, here are located boiling springs, mud pools and fumaroles, some are depositing sulphur.

Deeper the temperature of water reaches 180°C, but at the surface it the temperature of water is 81 - 96°C. There is found opaline silica which formed, when these hot springs were still inundated by the lake water.

In 1902 here (above the lake level) existed springs which on a regular basis erupted - geysers. Over the last decades geysers have not been observed here anymore.


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