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Swartwater Tree

Main characteristics

Coordinates (approx.): 22.8615 S 28.2250 E (most likely location)
No:170        (list of all attractions)
Address:Africa, South Africa, Limpopo Province, near Swartwater Farm
Species:Baobab (Adansonia digitata L.)
Height:28.4 m
Circumference:24.55 m
Crown diameter:29.11 m

The Swartwater Tree is one of the largest known baobabs (Adansonia digitata) in South Africa. This tree is somewhat smaller than the two largest giants - Sagole Tree and Sunland Baobab, but nevertheless this is giant and picturesque tree with a fantastic circumference of 24.55 m

Tree was included in the list of South African Champion Trees comparatively recently - in 2012.

Some images of this tree can be seen in the Website of Tumuga Game Ranches.










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