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Warren icefall

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 77.5567 S 160.4328 E
No:465        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Antarctic and Sub-antarctic region, Antarctica, East Antarctica, Victoria Land, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Wright Valley, Wright Upper Glacier, to the south-east from Airdevronsix icefall between Mt. Fleming and Mt. Baldr
Height:˜ 400 m
Width:˜ 920 m
Glacier:Wright Upper Glacier
Airdevronsix and Wattern icefalls, Antarctica
Airdevronsix icefall and Warren icefall from 17.5 km distance! Warren icefall is seen in the left side / P.Wright, US Geological Survey, public domain

Next to the gargantuan Airdevronsix icefall is located one more giant icefall - the 920 m wide and 400 m tall Warren icefall.

Just like Airdevonsrix icefalls, Warren icefall has formed in location where the giant East Antarctic ice sheet pours (because ice is slow flowing liquid) in McMurdo Dry Valleys. Here a dolerite sill (intrusion of sturdy rocks) in Jurassic period broke through the Devonian - Triassic sandstone. This hard rock resists to the force of glaciers and as a result has formed this giant step with 400 m tall, verticall wall.

Upper rim of falls is at the height of 1,550 m above the sea level. Lower reaches of icefall are not even but in general are some 1150 above the sea level - thus the assumed height of icefall is approximately 400 m.

Airdevronsix icefalls together with Warren falls form one of the most magnificent sights on our planet.


  • GigaPan image by Zbigniew Malolepszy, 2010. Warren Icefall is seen in the left side.


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