La Grande Cascade de la rivière du Château, Kerguelen

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 49.2788 S 70.1291 E
No:274        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Antarctic and Sub-antarctic region, Kerguelen Islands, Grande Terre, 10 km to the north-west from Port-aux-Français
Height:~ 150 m
River:Riviere du Château

The largest island of Kerguelen Islands - Grande Terre - is very rich with tall, magnificent waterfalls.

La Grande Cascade de la rivière du Château might be not the largest on the island but it is the best known thanks to its relative vicinity to the only inhabited place in this island.

This waterfall is reached by some 2.5 hours walk from Port-aux-Français through a picturesque landscape.

Waterfall consists of several cascades. The most impressive one is the upper cascade falling from a narrow ravine (see image by Faivre Thierry.). Lower cascades fall over several steps (image by Faivre Thierry).


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