Gorakhgad Caves

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 20.1930 N 74.4243 E
No:61        (list of all attractions)
Categories:Hindu shrines, Rock cut architeture
Values:Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History
Address:Asia, India, Maharashtra, Thane district, 7 km south from Manmad, southern and northern sides of Gorakhgad Hill
Alternate writings:Gorakshadh Caves, Gorakhnath Temple, Kanifnath Temple

Gorakhnath Cave Temple is located in a deep cave on southern slope of Gorakhgad Hill - it is large enough to take some 50 people. Entered through roughly cut entrance between five massive square pillars. Figure of painted deity placed behind a small pool at the end of cave.

Kanifnath Temple is located in another deep cave on northern slope of Gorakhgad Hill, with huge water tank in front.


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