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Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave, India
Mawsmai Cave / Ppyoonus, , public domain

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 25.2988 N 91.7086 E
No:148        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Asia, India, Meghalaya, East Khasi Hills District, north from the centre of Cherrapunji town in Mawsmai village
Alternate names:Krem Maw Smai, Krem Mawsmai
Length:Around 250 m

Beautiful visitor attraction near the famous Cherrapunji is Mawsmai Cave.

This is the first show cave in Meghalaya, with entrance fees and opening times.

Khasi Hills are partly formed of limestone. As this area gets some of the heaviest rains in the world, here form numerous caves. Mawsmai Cave is just one of more than 200 caves in this area and it is comparatively short - approximately 250 m. But this is very beautiful cave, richly adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, columns and layered with sparkling calcite cristals.

Entry in the cave leads through rather narrow vertical opening. First - old - part of the cave is lighted, it contains several larger rooms including Mughal Room - more than 25 m wide, 25 m high and some 75 m long.

Further on there is the so called "new" part which does not have lighting. Inside the cave there is a "window" opening upwards, with jungle in sight.

Locals tell that caves were discovered by their hunters who hunted down animals living in this cave.

Maw Smai in Khasi language means - "Oath stone". Most likely this name comes from one of local megalythic monuments - Khasi land is very rich with them.

Often in Internet there is said that the second name of this cave is Krem Phyllut. This is wrong - Krem Phyllut is another, much longer cave nearby.


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