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Yogoluk Sinkhole

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 3.8421 S 138.8998 E (possible mistake up to 3 km)
No:214        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology. Visual
Address:Asia, Indonesia, Papua province, approximately 28 km north from Wamena town (direct line).
Alternate names:Gua Yogolok
Depth:230 - 240 m
Volume:4 million m³

One of largest sinkholes in the world is Yogoluk Sinkhole (Gua Yogolok) in Papua province, northern side of Wamena valley.

This area is rich with karst features - here are known more than 50 caves, often adorned with amazing speleothems. In Wamena karst are found several giant sinkholes as well, reaching up to the size of tiankeng (a giant sinkhole, at least 100 m deep and wide).

Yogoluk Sinkhole has formed by the collapse of a roof of giant cave room - in image is seen how the cave continues - or there is even a giant natural arch (see this image from Commissione Grotte Eugenio Boegan) to one side. On the floor of this sinkhole there still is approximately 80 m high pile of debris.

Yogoluk Sinkhole has approximately 180 m wide and long opening with area 25 000 m2. Depth of sinkhole is 230 - 240 m, volume - 4 million m³.


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