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Tallest Shorea tree, Danum Valley

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 4.9172 N 117.7717 E (mistake up to 30 km)
No:558        (list of all attractions)
Values:Biology, Visual
Address:Asia, Malaysia, Sabah, Danum Valley
Species:Shorea sp.
Height:94.1 m

The race to find the tallest tropical trees is on and one after another we learn about new discoveries. In November 2016 there was reported new record - in Danum Valley, Sabah was found 94.1 m tall tree. This is the tallest known tree in tropics thus far.

Danum Valley

Danum Valley Conservation Area was established in 1995 to protect lush rainforest of the eastern Sabah. This protected area is 438 km² large and nearly pristine - there are no human settlements. In some parts of the area have been developed tourist facilities but most of Danum Valley is pristine rainforest with very high biological diversity. Such precious and rare inhabitants as Borneo organutans, Müller's Bornean gibbons, clouded leopards, mousedeer and even some Borneo elephants still are living here.

Very high is the plant diversity - here are known more than 15,000 plant species. Some of the most impressive ones are the giant trees - numerous species of Dipetrocarpus and Shorea.

The tallest known Shorea

Very tall tree in Danum Valley was discovered in 2016 and was first reported by Mr. Gregory Asner from the Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University in conference "Heart of Borneo" on the 8 - 9th November.

He had the opportunity to use helicopter over the Danum Valley. Earlier laser scanning of Carnegie Airborne Observatory brought information that here are some 50 trees with a height over 90 m. Earlier there were not known any trees in the tropics above 90 m of height (with a potential exception of Barangay Alegria Toog in Philippines).

The tallest of these newly discovered trees is 94.1 m tall, with two other trees of similar height next to it. Crown of this giant is 40.3 m in diameter.

Tree belongs to Shorea - species rich genus with at least 138 species in Borneo island. Currently tree has no special name given.

Only some months earlier there was reported the previous record bearer of tropical trees: yellow meranti tree (Shorea faguetiana) in the nearby Maliau Basin. It is 89.5 m tall.

These exciting discoveries testify: the tropical forests of Borneo are very special and unique. Unfortunately these forests are quickly lost due to the encroachment of human activities.


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