Vaipo Falls, Nuku Hiva
Vaipo Falls, Nuku Hiva / Yves Picq, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 8.9071 S 140.1652 W
No:270        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Australia and Oceania, France, French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands, southern part of Nuku Hiva, Hakaui Valley (Vaipo Valley)
Alternate names:Tevaipo Cascade, Ahuii Falls, Ahuei Falls, Falls in Kings Valley, Haka Falls, Hakaui Falls
Height:approximately 350 m
Width:approximately 3 m

One of the most dramatic and impressive natural monuments in Polynesia is Vaipo Cascade - Vaipo Falls. The beauty of these magnificent, roughly 350 m tall falls is enhanced by the rare, amazing landscape of Vaipo Canyon.


This waterfall originates from the Tovi'i plateau. The stream at the falls is approximately 3 m wide, although in rainy periods it might become much larger but sometimes it disappears altogether.

As the stream reaches the rim of this basalt plateau, water falls down along the nearly vertical cliffs, forming a classical horsetail waterfall. During its fall the water is vaporised and wetting the deep canyon. The stream has several smaller cascades at its foot.

At the foot of the falls has formed a basin inhabited by eels, shrimps and other creatures.


The waterfall is accessed by a walk from Hakaui through phantastic landscape adorned with incredibly tall, nearly vertical cliff pinnacles (many are more than 550 m tall!) and lush rainforest. There are many smaller waterfalls seen along the way, if the weather is not dry. The walk starts in the majestic Hakaui Valley and then continues in a giant side ravine - Vaipo Canyon.

Mysterious stone sculptures and countless stone platforms in the shaded forest add to the effect - this island was densely inhabited before the coming of Europeans and their illnesses.

When accessing the falls from below, they look like a true miracle - it seems that the water is falling directly from the saddle between two rock pinnacles. Only from the air is visible the plateau where the stream originates.


Often there is mentioned that Vaipo Falls are the second (or third) tallest in the world. This is not correct - numerous falls around the world are taller.

Often there is given a very (suspiciously) exact height of the falls - 1148 feet. When converting this to meters we get a rounded figure - 350 m. Thus most likely the exact height of falls has not been measured yet and it could be very well 1150 feet... or 1180 feet... or 1111... etc.


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