Le Bone de Léproserie

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 21.5622 S 168.0160 E (most likely location)
No:255        (list of all attractions)
Category:Sinkholes, Lakes, bays and streams
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Australia and Oceania, New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands, southern part of Maré Island
Depth:90 m

One of most interesting sinkholes in Maré Island is Le Bone de Léproserie. This island is rich with impressive sinkholes (see the description of another one: Trou de Bone) – from satellite images are seen some 50 large sinkholes but in reality their number is much larger.

Le Bone de Léproserie got its name from a leper colony which was located here nearby - now little remains of it. The entrance of this magnificent sinkhole is only 25 m wide. It starts as a 50 m deep well, which becomes wider with the depth. The well continues with a 40 m deep freshwater lake, which is 160 m (!) wide at its bottom.

Lake contains 350,000 m³ of water and often erroneously is considered to be the largest underground lake in the world. Many lakes in sinkholes and caves are larger, f.e. El Zacatón (Mexico) contains 9,500,000 m³ of water.


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