Sinaloa Waterfall

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 13.6480 S 172.4249 W
No:265        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Australia and Oceania, Samoa, Palauli, central - southern part of Savai'i Island, some 13 km north from Sili village
Height:approximately 180 - 250 m

The tallest waterfall in Samoa is Sinaloa Waterfall. Not too many people have reached these falls and in different sources there is given different height of these falls.

Waterfall is located in the largest rainforest of Polynesia - in the southern slope of Central Savai'i Rainforest. Falls could be reached from Sili village, but the walk is hard - the forest is nearly impenetrable thus the walk mostly goes by the river.

Falls have formed on a stream which starts in the saddle between Mount Te'elagi (1617 m) and Mount Mafane (1000 m) in Tuasivi Ridge. The stream slides down along a nearly vertical cliff, descending into narrow valley with lush rainforest. For most part of the time it rains here.


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