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Figueroa Mountain poppy and lupine fields

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 34.73683 N 119.99483 W
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Address:North America, United States, California, Santa Barbara County, 45 km north-west from Santa Barbara, Los Padres National Forest, hillsides of Figureoa Mountain, especially the eastern hillside
Dominating species:California poppy ((Eschscholzia californica Cham.), sky lupine (Lupinus nanus Douglas ex. Benth.) and others
Poppy field near Figureoa Mountain, California
Poppy field near Figureoa Mountain / , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

California poppy meadows are very diverse. While the majestic Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve or Carrizo Plain offer desolate, treeless landscape, hillsides of the Figueroa Mountain represent a beautiful, refreshing sight - lush meadows full with flowers. Add a stately backdrop of forested mountains and Figueroa Mountain poppy and lupine fields make a perfect landscape.

Poppy field near Figureoa Mountain
Poppy field near Figureoa Mountain / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Beautiful panorama

Nearly every year in late February - April the beautiful landscape is supplemented by millions of Californian flowers. Hillsides are covered with a mix of blue and bright orange colors - blue are sky lupines and orange - the magnificent California poppies. For diversity in many locations one can see patches of magenta padre's shooting stars (Dodecatheon clevelandii Greene), chocolate lilies (Fritillaria biflora Lindl.). In more open areas there are rich displays of goldfields (Lasthenia ssp.) and numerous other flowers.

Surroundings of Figueroa Mountain serve as a beautiful retreat for people from nearby cities. National Forest Scenic Byway (Highway 33) is winding through the Los Padres National Forest, offering unforgettable experience for those who do not have such luxury as extra time to afford lengthy trips in the depths of wilderness. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails though offer endless possibilities to those who can afford hefty walks or mountain biking.

In fact visit in spring is more advisable - later in summer there is high risc of forest fires and visitors have more restrictions.


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