Tallest Giant Sequoia in Converse Basin

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 36.8219 N 118.9457 W (approximate location)
No:557        (list of all attractions)
Address:North America, United States, California, Fresno County, Converse Basin grove of giant sequoias. Exact location not given.
Species:Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.) J.Buchh.
Height:95.8 m

Giant sequoias by far are the largest trees of the world by wood volume. These trees are very tall and the tallest known specimen grows in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. It is 95.8 m tall.

Grove of giant sequoias in Converse Basin Giant belongs to the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Most of the giant sequoias were cut here one century ago but some 60 - 100 large trees remain but most of the trees are young sequoias. The most prominent sequoia here is the giant Boole Tree.

The newly discovered tallest sequoia was was reported by the well known local researcher Michael Taylor in 2013. The height measurement of this tree was made with laser rangefinder. Thus it surpassed the tallest known sequoia - the 94.9 m tall Tallest Giant Sequoia in Redwood Mountain Grove (also unofficial name).

Sequoia has not received any specific name and it's exact location is not given in the available works.

There have been reports about higher - up to 97.8 m tall sequoias and even (wrong) assumptions that these trees could reach 133 m height ("Father of the Forest" in Calaveras Grove mentioned by James M.Hutchings, Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California in 1862).


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