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Desabamento Falls

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 0.8776 N 63.3225 W
No:518        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:South America, Brazil, northern part of Amazonas state, south-eastern rim of Serra do Aracá
Name in Portuguese:Cachoeira do Desabamento (Landslide Falls)
Height:˜ 200 m (the slide below the falls not included)
Tallest drop:˜ 200 m
Width:? m
Desabamento Falls, Brazil
Desabamento Falls after heavy rains. Some 200 m tall Surpresa Falls seen in the far background. / Screenshot from Youtube video Expedição Serra do Aracá 2014

One of greatest waterfalls of Serra do Aracá is Desabamento Falls - approximately 200 m tall waterfall.

This waterfall falls over the rim of Serra do Aracá - the southernmost of the famous tepuis - sandstone plateaus of Guyana Highlands. The abrupt walls of this large plateau rise up to 1 kilometre tall above the (seemingly) endless sea of Amazonian rainforest and there have formed several enormous, very impressive waterfalls including the Brazil's officially tallest one - Eldorado Falls (at least 353 m).

Desabamento Falls form a free falling plunge which turns to mist closer to the basis. The basis of this waterfall is rather unusual - it looks like a cemented, bright orange-brown slide in some water park. According to some methodologies this steep slide could be included in the total height of waterfall, thus making it significantly taller.

It is possible that this slide is formed from sinter - secondary sediments of siliceous rocks created by the waterfall over long period of time. This would be unusual formation as sinter in general is formed by thermal and acidic waters. But the caves and sinkholes in the quartzites of Guyana highlands show that of there is enough time (here we speak about hundreds of millions of years) - unique geological formations are possible.


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