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Aruwai Falls

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 6.3294 N 60.5782 W
No:308        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:South America, Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Mazaruni River
Alternate names:
Height:˜ 60 m (over 2 km distance)
Average width:> 500 m

Several impressive rapids and waterfalls have formed on Mazaruni River on its route down from Pacaraima Mountains. Aruwai Falls are among the most impressive ones.

Mazaruni River starts high in Roraima tepui. These little explored highlands are spectacular, with unexplored tablelands - tepui. Diamonds are mined here since the late 19th century.

River before the falls is approximately 300 m wide, it flows in majestic, wide canyon covered with pristine rainforest.

Mazaruni divides at the falls with an island. Main flow at the falls is approximately 400 m wide, the smaller northern arm is narrower. The river and the landscape change at the falls. Mazaruni falls into narrow gorge with majestic, torrential waterfall. The stream is squeezed and is approximately 50 - 70 m wide. Falls have several steps over the distance of 2 km, total height difference exceeds 60 metres.







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