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Kurutuik Falls (Kurutuwu Mehru)

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 5.0833 N 59.9867 W
No:312        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:South America, Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni and Brazil, Roraima, on Ireng River, some 2 km before the confluence with Socobi (Sukabi) River, 6 km upstreams from Kaibarupai
Alternate names:Cachoeira do Grande Caracol, Cachoeira Curutique (Portuguese), Great Snail Falls (English)
Height:approximately 100 m
Width:very roughly: 20 - 30 m

In a little visited area on the border of Brazil and Guyana, near Roraima Plateau, are located several impressive waterfalls. One of the most impressive is Kurutuwu Mehru what could be translated from Carib language as Great Snail Falls.

This waterfall has formed on Ireng River (Maú River), in pristine rainforest some 90 km west from Roraima plateau.

Waterfall has two major cascades. The upper cascade falls over an overhang, but the lower one has multiple smaller steps. It falls over pink sandstone, which has formed more than 1 billion years ago, in Stenian period. Waterfall, of course, is much younger.

Ireng River is the northernmost large river of Amazonian basin and on this river have formed several beautiful waterfalls, including the Orinduik Falls - approximately 25 m tall falls over pure jasper.

On Socobi (Sukabi) River in the same distance from the confluence with Ireng have formed somewhat less tall waterfalls (Ando Falls?).

This area is sparsely inhabited by Patamona people. The nearest village - Kaibarupai - is located 6 km downstreams and is rather isolated from any other society.

There is another, much better known waterfall in Brazil with similar Portuguese name - the beautiful Cascata do Caracol.


See Kurutuik Falls on the map of Guyana and Brazil!


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Images of this remote area are rare.

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