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Landscape near Steg, Liechtenstein
Landscape near Steg / Clemens v. Vogelsang, / CC BY 2.0

Liechtenstein is small but spectacular country in Alps. Most interesting landmarks here are two well preserved medieval castles.


Gutenberg Castle, Liechtenstein
Gutenberg Castle / Adrian Michael, / CC BY-SA 3.0
  • Gutenberg Castle - well preserved mountaintop castle in Balzers. The hill of the castle has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. Around 1100 here started to develop a castle which in the coming years was rebuilt and extended multiple times. Now castle serves as a museum.
  • Vaduz Castle - impressive hilltop castle - palace. Oldest part of the castle is its keep, built in the 12th century. Now it serves as the residence of Liechtenstein's Princely Family, it is not open for the public.
  • St.Mamertus Chapel - oldest chapel in the country, built in the 9th or early 10th century.
  • Rotes Haus, Vaduz - residential building from the late medieval ages, constructed in the 15th century or earlier.
  • The Old Vaduz - Sevelen Rhine Bridge - 135 m long, covered wooden bridge. Built in 1900 - 1901.

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