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Destroyed Plymouth, Montserrat
Destroyed Plymouth / Mike Schinkel, / CC BY 2.0

This British overseas territory has suffered heavily in a volcanic eruption and much of the natural (such as the Great Alp Falls) and man made heritage (Plymouth town) is lost.

Nevertheless this is gorgeous Caribbean island. In several locations has been preserved primeval forest with endemic species, there are interesting dive sites.

  • Cudjoe Head Silk cotton tree - ceiba tree of historical importance. In the 18th century here was executed runaway slave named Cudjoe. His head was placed on this tree.
  • Soufrière Hills volcano - stratovolcano, which destroyed half of Montserrat in the time period from 1995 to 2007. The volcanic activity continues.
  • Plymouth - the historical capital of Montserrat. Destroyed by the eruptions of Soufrière Hills volcano. Ruins of the town rise from the volcanic ash.

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Montserrat is British overseas territory.

Map of Montserrat

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