Main attractions

Gurara Falls, Nigeria
Gurara Falls / Shiraz Chakera, Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-2.0

Although Nigeria does not belong to popular tourist destinations these days, this large multicultural and geographically diverse country has many surprising and little known attractions.

The country is unique not only due to its uninterrupted cultural traditions tracing back to the ancient times but also due to another feature: its geographical diversity. The country has rainforests, mountains, deserts, beaches, mangrove forests and enormous rivers. In numerous locations people have managed to reach a certain harmony with the environment and most Nigerian attractions have both natural and cultural values. Nigerians attribute spiritual characteristics to many of their beautiful natural and cultural monuments and there are many unusual stories told about them.

Natural landmarks

Zuma Rock, Nigeria
Zuma rock / Andy Waite. CC-BY-SA-1.0

The diverse nature of Nigeria provides many kinds of interesting monuments. This includes one of the most impressive monoliths of the world - Zuma rock which rises like an enormous boulder, 725 meters high. There are many impressive waterfalls such as Owu Falls, Gurara Falls, Qua Falls (Kwa Falls) and others.

The country is also rich with warm springs.

Man made landmarks

Outstanding Nigerian monuments include the ancient Ife city, Old City of Kano with its city walls, the Osun-Osogbo sacred forest which grows alongside the Oshun River and the ancient fortification systems that are amongst the largest in world - Sungbo's Eredo. The Olumo cave shelters, sacred Ogbunike Caves, ruins of Hidi's palace in Sukur, Old Oyo city, Birnin Kudu rock art, outstanding traditional architecture of Jos and numerous other unique monuments with unbelievable histories, could provide countless scenarios for movies and books.

There are also numerous mysterious monuments like the giant Ukhuse Oke footprints in granite.





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