Prince Edward Islands

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These subantarctic islands are a part of South Africa.

The island group consists of two volcanic islands - Marion Island and Prince Edward Island - with a total area of 335 km².

Islands are a Special Nature Reserve and there are no economical activities on the islands. Tourist landings are prohibited. Especially strict limitations are on Prince Edward Island, where even the number of researchers is heavily restricted.

Although the climate here is not too cold, the weather in islands is very windy, rainy and almost always - cloudy. Here are found some endemic species of plants and insects, the landscape is spectacular.


  • Boot Rock - small island approximately 1 km north from Marion Island. A 75 m tall rock stack in the sea.
  • Cave in Cave Bay - southern coast of Prince Edward Island. This large cave on two occasions has hosted groups of people who suffered shipwrecks.
  • Cliffs of Prince Edward Island, southwestern coast - up to 490 m tall seaside cliffs.
  • Grey Headed Ridge Waterfall - southern coast of Marion Island. Spectacular falls with several vertical cascades.
  • Watertunnel Waterfall - southern coast of Marion Island. Here the stream falls some 40 m over the distance of 80 m.

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Map of Prince Edward Islands

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