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San Marino

Main attractions

Cesta fortress in San Marino
Cesta fortress / Martin Holland, / CC BY 2.0

In this beautiful microstate can be found numerous old structures which are located in a beautiful natural setting. By far the most impressive is the ensemble of the medieval City of San Marino with its mountaintop forts, narrow streets and medieval buildings, with a multitude of views on the surrounding landscape far below.

Man made landmarks


  • Cesta (De La Fratta) - one of the Three Towers of San Marino, located on the highest peak in San Marino. Constructed in the 13th century over the remains of Roman fort. Museum of weapons inside.
  • Guaita - one of the Three Towers of San Marino, the oldest one. This spectacular tower originally was built in the 11th century but in its current form - in the 15th century.
  • Montale - one of the Three Towers of San Marino, built in the 14th century, used as a prison.

Other man made landmarks

Palazzo Pubblico in San Marino
Palazzo Pubblico / Matteo Paciotti, / CC BY 2.0
  • Basilica di San Marino - main church in the republic, built in Neo-Classical style in 1836.
  • Palazzo Pubblico - historical town hall, built in Neo-Gothic style in 1884 - 1894. The ornate house has ornate interior.
  • San Marino City - well preserved and picturesque historical town on the top of Mount Titano. This town has developed since the 13th century. The fortified town still has many old fortifications - towers, walls, gates. The town has numerous old buildings, the historical network of streets and squares has been preserved.

List of described attractions

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Map of San Marino

Featured: Basilica di San Marino

Basilica di San Marino
Basilica di San Marino / Ady, , CC BY 2.0

The main church in the small country of San Marino is Basilica di San Marino - fine example of Neo-Classical architecture. First church in this place was built more than 1500 years ago.

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