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Ancient and medieval Indian cave paintings – online encyclopedia

Mural on vaults, Ajanta Cave No.10
Mural on vaults, Ajanta Cave No.10 / , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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A rich cultural heritage

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WorldYellow A unique tradition in art

This small Internet encyclopedia reviews a fascinating kind of rich Indian cultural heritage – Indian cave paintings. Ancient and medieval artists created these artworks over the last 2,300 years – since the beginning of the historical period.

Scene of Samava-sarvana, Sittanavasal
Scene of Samava-sarvana, Sittanavasal / Yorck Project, public domain

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One of the highest achievements of ancient people worldwide is Ajanta Caves (Maharashtra) – 29 rock-cut temples made in the 2nd century BC – 480 AD.

Mural in Ajanta Caves - more than 1,500 years old!

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