Central America

Antigua Guatemala and Agua volcano

Wonders of Guatemala

Territory Wonders of Guatemala   Highlights The number of exciting landmarks in Guatemala is very high. By far the most important landmarks in Guatemala are Maya archaeological monuments and heritage of other Pre-Columbian cultures. Guatemala together with the nearby Mexican states were the cradle of the Mesoamerican civilization – one of the great civilizations of the …

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Ruins of Tikal in the endless forests of Petén, Guatemala

Wonders of Central America

Territory Wonders of Central America   Highlights Central American is a transition: a land bridge between the enormous North American and South American continents, a narrow divide between Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and a meeting point of the mysterious, grand civilizations of the past and the rich European heritage. The natural and cultural heritage of this …

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La Danta pyramid in El Mirador - one of the largest pyramids in the world. El Tigre pyramid is seen in the background, to the left

El Mirador – ancient Maya metropolis

Wonder El Mirador   In short The thick forest cover in the heart of the ancient land of Maya could not cover these giant buildings – even thousands of years after their construction the pyramids of El Mirador rise high above the rainforest. This land is abandoned now – but once upon a time this was …

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The amazing nature of Nicaragua

Wonders of Nicaragua

Territory Wonders of Nicaragua   Highlights This beautiful Central American country is not a popular destination for international tourism. Not yet – the memories of comparatively recent civil war and minefields still are there. But things are changing for the best now. Highlights of Nicaragua are: Volcanic landscape – few other countries have that many interesting …

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Volcan Izalco, El Salvador

Wonders of El Salvador

Territory Wonders of El Salvador   Highlights The most interesting wonders of El Salvador are the numerous prehistoric cities (ruins of cities) scattered all over the country. Nearly unique is Joya de Cerén – a prehistoric city buried under thick layer of volcanic ash not unlike Pompeii. Somewhat less known are the caves with traces of …

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