Las Lajas Sanctuary

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Columbia

Wonder Las Lajas Sanctuary   In short Las Lajas Sanctuary is a very special building thanks to its topography. This beautiful church is built inside the deep canyon of Guáitara River, in the place where in 1754 was seen an apparition of Virgin Mary. Rating 48.3% GPS coordinates 0.8054 N 77.5859 W Location, address South America, […]

Wonders of Colombia

Caño Cristales - the red Macarenia clavigera and pits shaped by stones, Colombia

Territory Wonders of Colombia   Highlights This enormous and extremely diverse country has many spectacular landmarks. Many Colombian attractions are little known and even not named – there are many wilderness areas still waiting for explorers. The highlights of Colombia are: Spectacular tablelands and remote mountain chains with countless waterfalls, numerous undiscovered species of plants and […]