Finds of cobalt blue spinel in Lục Yên, Vietnam

Spinel mines in Lục Yên

Wonder Finds of cobalt blue spinel in Lục Yên, Vietnam   In short Some 20 years ago near Lục Yên were found pieces of unusual, seemingly glowing blue spinel. Today similar stones have been found in some more countries around the world but cobalt blue spinel still is very rare and increasingly expensive gemstone. Rating 41.8% […]

The old Persian turquoise mines near Nishapur

Freshly mined turquoise in Nishapur mines

Wonder The old Persian turquoise mines near Nishapur   In short The world’s most beautiful turquoise is mined near Nishapur, Iran. Here is the find of the legendary Persian turquoise which is mined up to this day by hard-working people in the somewhat shabby village of Ma’dan. Rating 45.8% GPS coordinates 36.4847 N 58.4093 E (old […]

Kashmir sapphire mines: source of the best blue sapphire

Kashmir Sapphire Mines near Padder in the late 19th century

Wonder Kashmir sapphire mines   In short The best blue sapphire in the world was found in remote mountains of Kashmir. Were… because now the legendary Kashmir sapphire mines are exhausted and the existing sapphires are very rare and extremely expensive. Rating 42.8% GPS coordinates 33.427840 N 76.383994 E Location, address Asia, India, Jammu and Kashmir, […]

Sar-i Sang lapis lazuli mines

Rare crystal of lapis lazuli from Sar-i Sang mines, Afhganistan

Wonder Sar-i Sang lapis lazuli mines   In short World’s most beautiful lapis lazuli is found in one location – in the wild mountains of Northern Afghanistan, in Sar-i Sang. The gorgeous blue stone is mined here for many thousands of years. Rating 45.3% GPS coordinates 36.2098 N 70.7942 E Location, address Asia, Afghanistan, Badakhshan Province, […]

Merelani Hills – the only find of tanzanite


Wonder Merelani Hills – the only find of tanzanite   In short There is only one place on Earth where is found a gorgeous gemstone – tanzanite, which is found in Merelani Hills, Tanzania. Thousands of workers continue to mine it hundreds of meters deep but it is expected that the only find of this stone […]

Blue garnets of Bekily

Color change of the unique Bekily blue garnet

Wonder Blue garnets of Bekily   In short In Madagascar is the only known place on the planet where are found some of the most amazing gemstones – blue garnets, that change the color. In daylight, these stones could be pure blue, but in artificial light they have bright purple color. Rating 28.3% GPS coordinates 24.2577 […]

Mingora emerald mines (Swat emeralds)

Emeralds from Mingor Mine, Pakistan. Crystal is some 10 mm large

Wonder Mingora emerald mines (Swat emeralds)   In short It seemed that the gorgeous emeralds from of Mingora (Pakistan) were discovered fairly recently – in 1958. Recent finds though show that these stones were mined some 2500 years ago and as jewels served for the rich and powerful in Ancient Rome, in the area of present-day […]