Carrizo Plain wildflower meadows

Goldfields, Carrizo Plain wildflower meadows in California

Some of the largest and most impressive spring wildflower fields in California, more than 1,000 km² large. Diverse types of meadows, rare and endemic species of plants.

Point Buchon poppy meadows

Point Buchon poppy meadows, California

The impressive seaside scenery of Point Buchon in springtime often is supplemented by a bright orange carpet of California poppies.

Shell Creek Road meadows, California

Shell Creek Road meadows, California

These meadows belong to the most impressive spring wildflower meadows with diverse species of plants including the beautiful California poppies.

Flower fields of Gorman Hills

Spring colors of Gorman Hills, California

Very impressive spring bloom of endless golden California poppy and lupine fields on Gorman Hills. The best sights are from the Gorman Post Road.