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Map of wonders

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This is the map of wonders currently described by Wondermondo. Markers are clustered – otherwise, the map would load too slowly.

All markers come in the following four colors:

Geological wonder
Biological wonder
Archaeological wonder
Architecture wonder

Map of wonders

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Angel Falls, Venezuela

Categories of wonders

Currently, the wonders of the world in Wondermondo are divided into 124 categories and four main realms: geology, biology, archaeology, and architecture.

Hessdalen lights in February 2015. Two moving lights seen - one in the sky (this is not Moon) and one over the forest.

What is a wonder?

Many wonders are linked to a certain place. The aim of Wondermondo is to list and describe such places all around our planet. Thus, the name “wonder” on this website means a surprising place on our planet.

Kaaba, golden door visible, Saudi Arabia

Rating of wonders

Landmarks in the Wondermondo site have a rating from 0 (least wondrous) to 100 (most wondrous). This rating is calculated with a special formula, using the data of four criteria.