There are thousands of wonders in the world

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Wondermondo has descriptions of 1 782 wonders of the world (see here – what is a wonder). In articles here are listed approximately 10 000 more. You can access this information via the following four paths:

Continents, countries, regions

Here are listed the most impressive and the most surprising wonders in each of the 7 parts of the world and even in EACH of 284 countries and territories of the world!

Do you want to see the most surprising wonders of... let's say, Antarctica?

Categories of wonders

Over the years Wondermondo has developed a unique, universally applicable system to categorize the wonders of the world. In total there are 124 categories in four main realms: geology, biology, archaeology, and architecture. This number may change.

Yes, there are churches, waterfalls, unique ecosystems, all great! But some categories are just staggering! What about learning some places with cryptozoological phenomena?

Map of wonders

All the described wonders on one map. Don't forget - the map can be expanded over the whole screen!

This is the best place to look what unusual places are near your home or vacation destination.


Here are numerous in-depth descriptions of the wonders of the world. After all - Wondermondo has a wealth of unique information that can be used to analyze the wonders of the world in a way never done before.

For example: where else would you find the information about the places with the most unusual meteorological phenomena in the world?



Crater Lake

Wonders of Oregon

Oregon can be proud of its special natural beauty. Here mighty rivers cross the mountainous landscape through magnificent ravines and canyons and the frequent rain has created countless waterfalls, in the lush forests grow trees of incredible size and height.

Some of the natural and also man-made landmarks here are very special and unusual.

Interior of St. John Cantius Church

St John Cantius Church

The history of Chicago is also a history of the great immigration of diverse European nations to America. One of these nations - Polish - created the greatest churches in this giant city. St John Cantius Church is one of the most prominent among them.

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier, Australia

There are hundreds of pink lakes around the world. But one of the most impressive and striking ones is Lake Hillier on a remote island of Western Australia. Its water is pink even if it is taken away in the bottle.