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Upper Zarvalka Waterfall

Upper Zarvalka Waterfall, March 2024
Upper Zarvalka Waterfall, March 2024. / Gatis Pāvils, CC BY-SA 4.0

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The uppermost of the four waterfalls on Zarvalks here is named simply: the Upper Zarvalka Waterfall. This waterfall is located on the upper rim of the wide Abava Valley.

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GPS coordinates
57.0731 N 22.4477 E
Location, address
Europe, Latvia, Kurzeme, Talsi municipality, Abava parish, on Zarvalks Brook
Around 1.4 m
Up to 1.8 m
Name in Latvian, alternate names
Augšējais Zārvalka ūdenskritums

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Upper Zarvalka Waterfall, June 2002
Upper Zarvalka Waterfall, June 2002. This waterfall dries out during the summer. / Gatis Pāvils, CC BY-SA 4.0

Valley of Abava River near Vegi village is some 1.3 km wide, while the river itself is just some 15 – 20 m wide. This undulating, picturesque valley was formed by the waters of the melted glacier at the end of the last Ice Age and is some 25 meters deep.

The small Zarvalks Brook is some 2 kilometres long and flows over the rim of the ancient valley downwards, towards Abava River.

While on the lower terraces of the valley on this brook have formed three more waterfalls (including the more impressive Zarvalka Waterfall), the first waterfall is on the upper rim of the valley.

This waterfall is hidden in dense bush at the rim of agricultural fields. It falls over the Devonian dolostone layer of Plavinas Formation. During the summer this waterfall usually is dry – the further falls, meanwhile, have some water even during the dry period of the year. Upper Zarvalka Waterfall is some 1.4 m high and up to 1.8 m wide.

In 2023-2024 the waterfall was partly hidden under an enormous, fallen tree.

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