Ziedleju Waterfall

Ziedleju Waterfall, March 2024

A picturesque waterfall that comes from a spring, 3.7 m high and 0.3-0.5 m wide.

Gobdzinu Ravine Waterfall

Gobdzinu Ravine Waterfall, March 2024

Approximately 2.3 m tall, little known waterfall in a remote ravine. It flows mostly during the spring time.

Lepenieku Waterfall

Lepenieku Waterfall, March 2024

Some 2.2 m tall waterfall that flows only occasionally. It falls over a sandstone, where the remnants one of the oldest four-legged animals has been found.

Aleksupite Waterfall

Aleksupite Waterfall, May 2023

The tallest waterfall in Kurzeme, 3.6-4 m high and 8-11 m wide. Reinforced with concrete since the 17th century for watermill.

Jumprava Park Waterfall

Jumprava Park Waterfall, March 1999

Waterfall with four-five main steps, total height is some 1.5 m and width – up to 2.8 m. The only waterfall in Zemgale Region.

Sildruvu Waterfall

Sildruvu Waterfall, April 2024

Small, seasonal waterfall that falls some 3 meters over yellow sandstone cliffs directly in Abava River.

Maras Kambaru Waterfall

Maras Kambaru Waterfall, April 2024

Small, seasonal waterfall, 1.2 m high and up to 1 m wide. Here begins the Maras Kambaru Canyon.

Roadside Zarvalka Waterfall

Roadside Zarvalka Waterfall, March 2024

Small, unsighty waterfall on a small side brook of Zarvalks. Waterfall is 0.6 m high and up to 1.3 m wide.

Waterfall over Zvigulu Cliffs

Waterfall over Zvigulu Cliffs, March 2024

A seasonal waterfall over a bright red cliff, the water falls directly into Salaca River. Waterfall flows some weeks per year, it is some 3-4.5 m high.