Lake Mashu (Lake Mashū)

Lake Mashū

One of the cleanest lakes in the world. This legendary lake has formed in a caldera of volcano and has an amazing blue color.

El Ojo Lake (The Eye)

El Ojo lake (The Eye) near Buenos Aires

Unusual lake with a circular form. Most of the lake is covered with a somewhat smaller, circular island that floats around.

Djidji Falls

A set of gorgeous waterfalls in pristine rainforest. The main falls are some 150 m wide and 40-70 m high.

Yew at Mamhead St Thomas Church

A beautiful yew tree that has a circumference of 9.6 m. The massive trunk at the height of some 2.1 m was sawn off and now branches rise from it in all directions.

Yew at Kingston St Mary Church

An ancient yew tree that long ago divided into several parts. The girth around these parts at the ground level is 10.03 m.