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Eaglehawk Neck tesselated pavement
Eaglehawk Neck tesselated pavement. What you see here is made by nature. / LBM1948, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Wondermondo informs you about the most unusual and interesting wonders of the world.

This is an unusual, rare website because:

  • Facts and science matter here. There are many places around the world with unusual, even unbelievable stories and properties: Wondermondo tries its best to separate legends and facts.
  • Stories are told in a simple, accessible way because the wonders of the Earth deserve to be appreciated and cherished by the most diverse people all around the world. These wonders tell to us: our world is gorgeous and we – people – are part of it with our own wonderful creations.

The creation of Wondermondo started in December 2009 and currently here is information about more than 11 000 wonders of the world and the list is growing.


Author of Wondermondo - Gatis Pāvils
Author of Wondermondo – Gatis Pāvils

The website has been created by Gatis Pāvils, M.Sc. in Environment Administration. For decades I have traveled and seen thousands of wonders in my home country – Latvia – as well as in many other countries.

I am a proud father of four children. In my daily life am working as a business strategist: developing innovative future businesses.



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Angel Falls, Venezuela
Angel Falls / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Categories of wonders

Currently, the wonders of the world in Wondermondo are divided into 124 categories and four main realms: geology, biology, archaeology, and architecture.

Hessdalen lights in February 2015. Two moving lights are seen - one in the sky (this is not Moon) and one over the forest.
Hessdalen lights in February 2015. Two moving lights are seen – one in the sky (this is not Moon) and one over the forest. / Jesper Brodersen, screen capture from Youtube video.

What is a wonder?

Many wonders are linked to a certain place. The aim of Wondermondo is to list and describe such places all around our planet. Thus, the name “wonder” on this website means a surprising place on our planet.

Kaaba, golden door visible, Saudi Arabia
Kaaba, golden door visible / Tab59, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Rating of wonders

Landmarks in the Wondermondo site have a rating from 0 (least wondrous) to 100 (most wondrous). This rating is calculated with a special formula, using the data of four criteria.