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Terms of use

WorldBlue Privacy policy and your rights

The author of Wondermondo.com is a private person – Gatis Pāvils.

The author of Wondermondo does not collect and does not use your personal identification information even if it is visible in the comments below the articles. Indeed – the author of Wondermondo even does not make mailing lists! Nevertheless, two kinds of personal information are used for the improvement of Wondermondo:

  • Anonymous (for the author of Wondermondo) information about your visits is collected through a Google Analytics service and other analytical services of third parties that provide the data about your approximate location, length of visit, visited pages, and other information about your behavior in Wondermondo website. This information is statistically aggregated (e.g. there is no detailed information about you) and then used by the author for further analytics in order to provide the information which is desired by site visitors, including you.
  • The information in your messages in comments below the articles, as well as in e-mail and social networks are used to make the information in Wondermondo more exact, more understandable, and at the same time – safer for the natural and man-made heritage. The author of the site takes into account all messages, including the negative ones. The author has the right and the plight to remove abusive and un-informative comments from the website.
Your rights

You have the right to request the correction of information in Wondermondo if you believe that any information on this website is inaccurate or provides too much information about fragile/sensitive heritage sites.

The author of Wondermondo always appreciates such messages and does his best to correct the information.

Political map of the world

Wondermondo follows the universally accepted political map of the world. For example, Crimea, of course, is part of Ukraine. But there are some exceptions: e.g. Tibet is treated as a separate political entity. This is a personal approach of the author.

Copyrights and responsibilities


Although the author has put substantial work into the development of the text for this website, much of its impact is created by the images, which for the most part have been created by others.

The texts and images from the Wondermondo site are available to others as well. Texts from this website are licensed with a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

If you use any text from this website, you must provide an explicit link:

Gatis Pavils, www.wondermondo.com

You are not allowed to have direct earnings from my work, nor to copy it onto another website. You are allowed to copy parts of the information on an educational site such as Wikipedia if you provide an explicit link to my website as stated above.


Some of the images on this website have been taken by the author himself – but most have been made by others. The author of Wondermondo has done his best to find images that have been licensed for use on such websites as Wondermondo and to give proper credit to their authors. Most of the images have been licensed as copyleft and with the Creative Commons Share-Alike group.

Please, if you do not want your image to be shown here due to changed license terms or any other reasons, send me a message to [email protected] and the author of Wondermondo will remove it as soon as possible! And, of course, you are encouraged to suggest any changes to credits, captions to images, and so forth.

Sensitive information

This website contains information about wonders that are extremely fragile. Sometimes even the mere presence of humans may cause damage to these unique places. Wondermondo absolutely does not want to cause any harm to any of the wonders. If you find that the publication of information on Wondermondo may lead to any adverse effects on any of the wonders, please inform me at [email protected] – I will do my best to remove the unwanted information.

Due to their fragility, rather many of the wonders (e.g. finds of rare plants and animals, caves, and trees) here have an approximate location. In such cases, Wondermondo explicitly states in the respective article that the location is only approximate. Such approximate data should not be used for the planning of site visits – it is even deliberately misleading.

Other responsibilities

The information contained in this website is intended as general information only. While the author endeavors to keep the information correct and up-to-date, he makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or suitability of this information. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

The owner of this website takes no responsibility and will not be liable for eventual negative consequences with attributed linkage to the use of this website and information contained therein.

The owner of this website takes no responsibility for and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond his control.

The owner of this website has exclusive rights to publish and remove any published information from this website.

Throughout this website, there are links to other websites. The owner of Wondermondo has no control or responsibility for the content and availability of those other websites.

WorldYellow Linked articles

Auyán-tepui and Angel Falls. Churún River to the right.
Auyán-tepui and Angel Falls. Churún River to the right./ Heribert Dezeo, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Categories of wonders

Currently, the wonders of the world in Wondermondo are divided into 124 categories and four main realms: geology, biology, archaeology, and architecture.

Hohenzollern Castle
Hohenzollern Castle./ Sonse, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

What is a wonder?

Many wonders are linked to a certain place. The aim of Wondermondo is to list and describe such places all around our planet. Thus, the name “wonder” on this website means a surprising place on our planet.

Angel Oak
Angel Oak./ Greg Walters, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

About this project

Wondermondo informs you about the most unusual and interesting wonders of the world. This is a unique website because facts and science matter here but at the same time stories are told in a simple, accessible way.