Loltun Cave

Engravings in Loltun Cave

Wonder Loltun Cave   In short The enormous Loltun Cave in Yucatan is a well-known tourist destination. It has lots of values: here have been found bones of extinct animals, ancient people have created art in the cave. Loltun Cave has served as a religious site of rituals and also as a shelter during rough times. […]



Wonder Skógafoss   In short The gorgeous Skógafoss belongs to most popular waterfalls in Iceland and this means something in this country of thousands of waterfalls. Rating 48.2% GPS coordinates 63.5321 N 19.5113 W Location, address Europe, Iceland, Suðurland, Rangárþing eystra, at the road No.1 on Skógá River, near Skógar village Category Waterfalls, Hidden treasure Height […]

Agaiambo Swamp

Wonder Agaiambo Swamp   In short The story of the legendary Agaiambo people is weird and its abrupt end often seems to be impossible. It seems since 1904 there have been no reports about these elusive people. Most likely Agaiambo people have disappeared since then, but… who can be certain about this? Rating 37.8% GPS coordinates […]

Hverasvæðið – Hveragerði Geothermal Park

Hveragerði geothermal area

Wonder Hverasvæðið – Hveragerði Geothermal Park   In short Today the Hveragerði Geothermal Park is somewhat less impressive, if compared to other geothermal fields around Hveragerði (Hveragerdi) town – it is “civilized” and geothermal energy over the last decades has “traveled” to some other locations nearby. Some time ago this was different: the centre of the […]

Find of Olmec blue jadeite, Río El Tambor

A piercer from Guatemalan blue jade, 12th - 16th century AD

Wonder Find of Olmec blue jadeite, Río El Tambor   In short Mines of the legendary Olmec blue jadeite were elusive. Only in 1998 – 2000 in Guatemala were found some locations of this unique stone. The richest finds are in the upper reaches of Río El Tambor. Rating 42.8% GPS coordinates 14.7727 N 89.8777 W […]

Finds of cobalt blue spinel in Lục Yên, Vietnam

Spinel mines in Lục Yên

Wonder Finds of cobalt blue spinel in Lục Yên, Vietnam   In short Some 20 years ago near Lục Yên were found pieces of unusual, seemingly glowing blue spinel. Today similar stones have been found in some more countries around the world but cobalt blue spinel still is very rare and increasingly expensive gemstone. Rating 41.8% […]

Woodhouse Falls

Wonder Woodhouse Falls   In short Somehow the beautiful Woodhouse Falls are unlucky. At least for some visitors. Nevertheless, this is a fine waterfall, a popular bathing place for locals. Rating 37.3% GPS coordinates 29.3957 S 30.2799 E Location, address Africa, South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Midlands, some 15 km north from the Howick town, near Shafton Grange, […]