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Lepenieku Waterfall

Lepenieku Waterfall, March 2024
Lepenieku Waterfall, March 2024. / Gatis Pāvils, CC BY-SA 4.0

WorldBlue  In short

This waterfall flows rarely – but Lepenieku Waterfall is located in a beautiful place where an amazing scientific discovery has been made.

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GPS coordinates
56.5978 N 22.0097 E
Location, address
Europe, Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldiga municipality, Skrunda parish, at the foot of Ketleri cliff north from Ventmaliesi farmstead
seasonal, short brook without name
2.2 m
0.4 – 1.2 m
Name in Latvian, alternate names
Lēpenieku ūdenskritums

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Lepenieku Waterfall, January 2004
Lepenieku Waterfall, January 2004. / Gatis Pāvils, CC BY-SA 4.0

Some 10 – 15 kilometres before Skrunda village Venta River meanders between several impressive cliffs. This is a rather remote area with many natural wonders that are comparatively little known.

One of the most interesting is Ketleru Cliffs – low sandstone cliffs that are far less impressive than some other cliffs nearby but have a very special value. This sandstone formed some 370 – 360 million years ago, during the Upper Famennian of the Late Devonian and has been named Ketleri Formation. Devonian sediments in Latvia have brought several very interesting finds of the early life forms, but Ketleru Cliffs brought an especially interesting find: remnants of Ventastega curonica, one of the first four-legged animals on Earth.

Close to the bank of Venta, over this exclusive layer of sandstone has formed a small waterfall. It falls over a harder layer of oolitic sandstone, washing out the loose sandstone under it. This waterfall flows just for some weeks per year – frankly, author has not managed to catch these moments.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting landmark in a gorgeous landscape.

Author knows four more small, seasonal waterfalls in this area, including the similar Gobdzinu Ravine Waterfall. The other three, including the 0.6 m high Ketleru Waterfall, are less interesting.

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