Lonar crater

Lonar crater lake, India

A meteorite crater filled with a saltwater lake. The bolide hit the basaltic rock approximately 570,000 years ago. The diameter of the crater is 1.8 km, with a 1.2 km wide lake in it, depth of the crater – around 150 m. Lonar Lake contains rare and unusual microorganisms.

Tswaing crater

Tswaing crater with the saline lake in it, South Africa

Well preserved impact crater made by some 30 – 50 meters large bolid some 220,000 years ago. Astrobleme is 1.13 km in diameter and 100 m deep, the lake on the bottom has been used by people for salt collection over the last 100,000 years.

Amguid crater

Amguid crater, Algeria

Very well pronounced impact crater, less than 100,000 years old. Diameter – 500 – 530 m, 65 m deep.

Roter Kamm crater

Roter Kamm crater, Namibia

Approximately 4 – 5 million years old impact crater. The diameter of the crater is 2.5 km, depth – 130 m. It was deeper earlier – the bottom is covered with a 100 m thick layer of sand.

Wolfe Creek crater

Wolfe Creek Crater, Australia

Western Australia. Visually expressive meteorite impact crater, 875 meters in diameter, 60 meters deep. Created some 300,000 years ago.

Meteor crater (Barringer crater)

Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater) in Arizona

Visually the most impressive meteorite impact crater on Earth. The diameter of the crater is about 1,180 m, depth – 170 m. The outer side of the rim rises 45 m high above the surrounding plains. The bottom is covered with a 210 – 240 m thick layer of rubble. The impact took place some 49,000 years ago.

Pingualuit crater (Chubb crater)

Pingualuit crater, Canada

Well pronounced and well preserved impact crater, 3.44 km in diameter. Formed some 1.4 million years ago, in the Pleistocene. Rims of the crater rise 160 m above the tundra. The depth of the crater is 400 m, it is partly filled with 267 m deep Pingualuit lake. Lake water is one of the purest in the world.

Tenoumer crater

Tenoumer crater in Mauritania, December 2008

A well-visible, interesting impact crater. Diameter – 1.9 km, depth 110 m, age – approximately 21,400 years.

Aouelloul crater

Aouelloul crater from the space, Mauritania

Well preserved impact crater. Formed approximately 3.1 million years ago (Pliocene). Diameter 390 m.

Kaali Crater

Kaali crater, Estonia

Fairly recent (7 600 – 4 000 years old), well-preserved meteorite craters. The largest crater has a diameter of 110 m and 22 m depth. It has a lake at its bottom and exposed limestone along its rim. The fall of the meteorite created legends.