Lonar crater

Lonar crater lake, India

Wonder Lonar crater   In short Lonar crater is unique impact structure – the only large impact crater in basalt on Earth with unusual soda lake in it. Rating 49.5% GPS coordinates 19.9760 N 76.5078 E Location, address Asia, India, Maharashtra, Buldana district, at Lonar town Category Impact craters, Ecosystems, Lakes and streams Name in Marathi […]

Tswaing crater

Tswaing crater with the saline lake in it, South Africa

Wonder Tswaing crater   In short People have been living at Tswaing crater for more than 100,000 years but only in 1990 it was proved that this is impact crater. Rating 47.5% GPS coordinates 25.4086 S 28.0827 E GPS coordinates, tourist reception 25.4157 S 28.1008 E Location, address Africa, South Africa, Gauteng province, some 40 km […]

Amguid crater

Amguid crater, Algeria

Wonder Amguid crater   In short One of the best-preserved impact craters on Earth – Amguid crater in Algeria – is also one of hardest to access. Some travelers report that this crater has been visited much less than the summit of Everest, at least in modern times. Rating 47.5% GPS coordinates 26.0876 N 4.3950 E […]

Roter Kamm crater

Roter Kamm crater, Namibia

Wonder Roter Kamm crater   In short The Roter Kamm crater (from German – "red ridge" crater) in the desolate sands of Namib Desert was created by a meteorite some 5 million years ago. Rating 42.3% GPS coordinates 27.7655 S 16.2895 E Location, address Africa, Namibia, Karas region, in the Namib Desert some 80 km north […]

Wolfe Creek crater

Wolfe Creek Crater, Australia

Wonder Wolfe Creek crater   In short Wolfe Creek crater is one of the most impressive impact craters on Earth, sometimes compared to the most impressive one – Meteor crater (Barringer crater) in Arizona, United States. Rating 47.0% GPS coordinates 19.1718 S 127.7955 E Location, address Australia and Oceania, Australia, Western Australia, remote area in Kimberley […]

Meteor crater (Barringer crater)

Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater) in Arizona

Wonder Meteor crater (Barringer crater)   In short The tale of Meteor crater (Barringer crater) is tale about success – hard won success of scientific thought through great offering, effort and mistakes. Rating 67.7% GPS coordinates 35.02732 N 111.0228 W Location, address North America, United States, Arizona, Navajo County, 69 km east of Flagstaff Category Impact […]

Pingualuit crater (Chubb crater)

Pingualuit crater, Canada

Wonder Pingualuit crater (Chubb crater)   In short Ungava Peninsula has a true natural wonder – Pingualuit crater. This is one of most impressive impact craters on Earth, possibly – the most impressive one. Rating 56.8% GPS coordinates 61.2774 N 73.6613 W Location, address North America, Canada, northern part of Quebec, Ungava Peninsula Category Impact craters, […]

Tenoumer crater

Tenoumer crater in Mauritania, December 2008

Wonder Tenoumer crater   In short One of the best preserved impact craters on Earth is Tenoumer crater in Mauritania. This 1.9 km wide and up to 110 m deep crater is almost perfectly circular and was created by meteorite in Pleistocene, approximately 21,400 ± 9,700 years ago Rating 42.3% GPS coordinates 22.9188 N 10.4060 W […]

Aouelloul crater

Aouelloul crater from the space, Mauritania

Wonder Aouelloul crater   In short More than 3 million years ago the desert near present day Atar was hit by some 20 m large meteorite and Aouelloul crater formed. Today this is one of the best preserved impact craters on Earth. Rating 44.8% GPS coordinates 20.2411 N 12.6745 W Location, address Africa, Mauritania, Adrar, in […]

Kaali Crater

Kaali crater, Estonia

Wonder Kaali Crater   In short One of the most recent impact craters on Earth is Kaali Crater in Estonia. This large crater formed some 4 – 7.6 thousand years ago and this could be the only large impact crater which formed in a populated area. Rating 46.6% GPS coordinates 58.3728 N 22.6694 E Location, address […]